Hello - looking for something specific - any recommendations?


I’m looking for a light that will meet the following requirements - perhaps someone can recommend one (or more)
I realise this is the “budgetlightforum” - but recommendations of premium lights also
(if this is allowed)

- AA single
(need it to be small(er), a single AA will suffice. don’t need exotic batteries, something I can find an extra easily if need be)

- Pocket clip - deep carry if possible

- Black / dark colour (current uniform is black, would like it (or the clip) not to stand out)

- Twisty or clicky - no real peference, as long as the above are met. I’ve used both.

thanks in advance!


What kind of capabilities and battery life do you want it to have?

L3 Illumination L10. Here you go http://www.sbflashlights.com/L3-Illumination-c36/

Nitecore EA11


Hugsby XP-1
One of my favorite single AAA lights, and they are only about $4.50 on Ebay

The L3 Illumination L10 (suggested above) is a great option if size is a factor.

A very nice light for the price.

Eagletac D25A clicky or twisty, It comes in both! Nice output, with regular AAs or 14500 if you ever want to upgrade in the future. This is not a cheap one though. And the clip is silver.

If you don’t have any already, I could recommend getting some eneloop AAs. They are rechargeable and never leak and ruin your $50 light. You’ll buy one pack for $12 with a charger and never buy another AA again for your light.