Hello, new member here

Hello there,

this is my first post here!

For the last month or so, I’ve been actively going through this forum absorbing all the information I could find regarding Convoy C8.
Actually, it all started with C8 and Convoy as brand in general, but now even the L6 caught my eye.
Two Convoy C8 flashlights are already on their way and I am thinking of taking more - I am worried I am catching a flashlight fever and am becoming a Flashaholic!! :smiley:

What also got me intrigued are the tests and reviews performed by the one who stands behind the ‘HKJ’ nick - due to his reviews I decided which charger I am about to get. :slight_smile:

As I am new in all this, with every new piece of information I get, only more questions pop up and that is why I decided to register to this forum - to participate in discussions and seek help from more experienced members.

Looking forward to hanging out with you guys and checking your crazy builds!

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF.
Good call on the Convoy C8, you are a quick study.
I predict the next will be the S2+ :smiley:

Welcome to BLF! :beer:

Glad you found HKJ’s reviews prior to buying a charger :+1:

Welcome to BLF! I’m new member as well and still trying to catch up with all the content. I hope that you have a plenty of free time, because you will need it! :slight_smile: The flashaholic in me recently woke up and I ended ordering 4 flishlights for just one week….

Welcome to BLF!

Good choice: Convoy makes great and robust flashlights for very good prices!

If you would like to experience the latest and greatest in the budget flashlight world, also join the several BLF flashlight projects:

BLF-A6 old project from two years ago, still for sale: great tube-style flashlight
BLF-Q8 just out for two months: chunky flashlight for general use with a big amount of light
BLF-GT will probably be out within two weeks now: huge and currently farthest throwing led-flashlight in the world
FW3A tiny quad 18650 flashlight designed by BLF/TLF member Fritz, will be out early next year.

Other recent flashlights that are highly regarded: all the Emisar flashlights, but especially the Emisar D4.

Hey how are you doing and welcome to BLF man! For a moment I thought you were someone else. We have a member named “sithlord” here as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to BLF! It certainly looks like you’re making a great start with buying the Convoy brand and reading HKJ reviews - both excellent choices.

Thank you all for the warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Please enjoy your time here, sith_lord!