Hello. The 8 bay charger for promotion

Hello . Guys .
This is Minos again
I want to show you the 8 bay charger

I know you guys have a lot of batteires . So I made a video for the multi-functional charger . Hope you like it.

Best regards

Anyone who buy from us .

Can get a free 4 bay 18650 battery case for present. When you buy it ,Please let us know that you come from BLF. So we can send the charger with the battery case

Very appreciate

Very excite!

Your charger may be good , but this question has been
asked of you before. Did you ever have HKJ do a review
of this charger ? Without a good review from him ,
you are fighting a long “uphill” battle trying to sell here
on the BLF.


velvetant ; Minos might owe you something for posting

the review link. :money_mouth_face:

Minos , you see—some review beats no review. Why

didn’t you post that review link ? You now have a

better chance , to sell more 8 bay chargers on the BLF.


That review is for the Enova All-80 charger, IIRC you said yours was the “Nitecorn” charger that was a copy/clone of the Enova

Uh oh ! You are 200% right ! That part just slipped

right past me. So, I was correct in my post-#3, when

I asked Minos about a HKJ review of his charger. This

was a good heads up by you AlexGT. Thanks :wink:

P,S., Your post explains why Minos didn’t post a link
to a HKJ review of his charger. There is no review !

I think my charger is the same one as Enova from the same factory. I have went to that factory last time.
I already send the charger to someone is this forum, And lets wait for his review.

Minos ; If you thought that your charger was the
same as the Enova , that’s when you should’ve sent
it to some reputable BLF person, to get it reviewed.
You want to sell here on the BLF. You need to stop
BS’ing ! That’s why you’ve faced so much resistance
here. Hope your charger reviewer is HKJ or someone
that has a very strong BLF name. Don’t worry about
the crazy name of your charger. If it gets a decent
review you can sell some here , with the right price
and shipping cost. Good Luck.

Someone else more likely than HKJ. HKJ has said he usually will be months before he could start a test as he has a backlog.

EF: Don’t you remember this guy ? He’s been on
BLF for months. He got joked about , because of
the crazy name of his charger. If his charger gets
a decent review, then his sales might be ok here.

It is not me.

It is helping on my backlog, I do only have two more chargers to test, but a lot of tested chargers, where I have not published the review yet. This is very useful at this time of the year.

Isn’t this the night-corn?

THE one and same ! (Nitecorn) There were so many

jokes about the name of his charger. All he has to do,

is ride out the name jokes and get his charger reviewed.

If the review is ok and done by somebody with a very

strong BLF rep , it should be ok. HKJ says he is not the

reviewer at this time. We have to wait and see what the

review shows.

Oh yes, now I remember. Its the pushy polite guy with the 8 bay chargers that came with the complimentary 18650 sized ears of corn. Who has that pic to refresh our memories? I bet he used his fingernail to peel off those silly nitecorn labels so he could try and pawn them on us again.


Thinking more about it…. he may be an evil genius. The name was so terrible that it’s literally a “household” name now. Everyone on here knows the name night-corn…. could be marketing brilliance if the products are up to snuff.

Funny name? Yes
So catchy you can’t forget it and get free reviews for it? Yes

From what I remember in his last thread, the word “genius” probably doesnt bode all that well when considering the OP.

More importantly (and far more interesting), what aircraft is in your avatar? :slight_smile:

Yea, I hope we can sum that up as “a cultural difference.” Probably not, but hey, I’m an optimistic kind of guy!

The avatar is a BE40 (Beechjet 400XP). Noticed yours as well. 172/182 with some artwork I see. Can’t tell what it is exactly. Roadrunner maybe? You fly?