Found this forum while looking for a flashlight. I never knew there was so much out there! I’m now thinking I need to start a collection. LOL. Anyways just wanted to say hi so HI!

Hi there! Welcome to BLF!

Hey mate welcome prepare to be broke now you have joined :smiley:
What flashlight where you looking at?

I was looking at tons of them! Came here looking for some guidance. Posted here https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/39099 looking for recommendations.

It's nice of you to join us, ijones!


Welcome, fellow Washingtonian!

Hello Intruderdriver! I will be in your neck of the woods (Mukilteo) on Sunday to do some Scuba Diving.

Welcome to BLF!

Read up on li ion safety, a poor flashlight might me modded but a poor cell not :slight_smile:
I have learned that the hobby primarily is about using and treating the cells right, all the other stuff comes second