Long time lurker, love most all of the BLF collar lights so figured I’d come over and hang out a bit! I’ve been into flashlights for years and at the peak of my addiction errrr hobby I owned around 100 lights. I’ve cut that significantly here lately but I’m always buying something to mess around with. Really interested in the new sofirn light being worked on.



I have 3x Sofirn SF36w and i love them!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Very good quality for the price :crown:

Welcome. Where is RC on this one?

I hope you have fun here, Bigburly912!

You must be the first one that has cut down on your light collection since coming here! :open_mouth:

Welcome, I’m sure if you spend much time here you may end up back around 100 soon….

What Sofirn light are you referring to? What are some of your favorite flashlights? How did you store 100 flashlights? I have trouble keeping track of my rather small collection.

BTW, welcome to BLF!

Hi and welcome Bb.

Welcome to BLF! What kind(s) of lights in particular interest you the most?

Welcome to BLF.