Hi, my name is Brian and i am addicted to flashlights. :)

here is my collection. (cell phone pics)

504B (new style) with UF warm white drop in and UF holster.

PILA IBC and AW Batteries

504B Warm white

501A with a UF XP-G cool white drop-in and that AW 16340 above... usually my EDC.

WW vs CW comparison on my bathroom wall. :)

the rest of my lights. From left to right

UF 501B cool white XM-l t6

Maglight LED 2D... got it when they were 16$ at home depot.

Energizer 2AA from target. Luxeon rebel. gave that one to my wife. she likes it. simple AA batteries (nimh rechargeables), bright enough for her and always works without fiddling. :)

Coleman max from walmart 3AAA that ive had for ages. kinda green tint. i may mod this one to hold something like a 26650 if it will fit and an XML and add a glass lens.

Nebo clip on light that my boss got all of us as a gift. its ok. needs more power. might cram a XP-G in it and some sort of lens and a 14500 and a driver... if i can get it all to fit. :)

I also have a XinTD C8 on the way (HURRY UP MAIL!!!!!)

I also have a homemade deal (need to take some pics) which consists of 5x luxeon rebels, 5 bergquist boards that I mounted the led's too (heat gun reflow with solder paste... not perfect i know but it works awesome). Glued the LED boards to an old pentium 4 heatsink with arctic alumina and got the little plastic chrome plated reflectors that stick to the LED boards with foam tape. then i mounted a Luxdrive flex driver to the side of the heatsink and soldered it all up.

it will take any voltage from 10-32vdc so i can plug it into the cigarette lighter of a car, clip it to the cars battery, hook it into fire and security panels at work etc for a nice bright, dimmable work light.

i have some ABS sheets and some lexan so i can make an enclosure for the leds and reflectors to keep them clean and protected.

i joined CPF a little while back but the site is a bit flaky and pretentious and i searched out this place so i decided to join up here instead. seems more like my style.

Im also into 80's and 90's turbo chryslers which also fits why i like this site a little better. cheap cars that pretentious people hate that can be really powerful and fast for very little money. goes hand in hand with a cheap light that will blind you to death. :)


Welcome, prepare to own lots more lol

Hi Brian, those UF 504b's are great lights for the price. I have two of them, though mine are the older style. Both running on 3 mode XM-L drop-ins. Waiting on an XP-G drop-in to compare. Welcome to BLF.

Welcome to BLF, Brian!!

Old Chrysler turbos, huh? My kinda guy. I always liked/wanted the GLHS. What a blast that was back in the day. My buddy and I took a salesman for a hell ride in one of those.


I like that 501a!

80s-90s turbo Chrysler? My first car was a 1984 Dodge 600 with the 2.2L turbo, does that count? It was quick, but not very fast... Tongue Out

Welcome, glad to have you here!


thanks for the welcome.

as for the turbo chrysler comments, my username is what i have. 88 reliant with a 2.5l turbo setup. it runs low 13's. excellent sleeper. :)

Hi turbo man, welcome to BLF.

There was some jerk with a turbo Caravan running elevens and giving my Mustang fits at the track. I had a built 86 T-bird turbo coupe, so I won't hold it against you.

Nice collection of lights, you have some of my favorites.

Nice Collection. Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF Reliant_turbo. I had a reliant wagon for many years and it was indestructible. Seriously, I never changed the oil at less than 10,000 miles. Still runs around town for the old guy who bought it from me.

If you are going to hunt rabbits, there is hardly a better weapon. Bugs would have never survived if Elmer could "go like he!!"!

Welcome to BLF, R_T.

Good to have you here, Brian!

I hope you enjoy your stay.


ahhhh gasketmaster... aka terry ryan. :)

lots of 12 second and 13 second vans. he is the only one running 11's so far.

good stuff. hehe


Hi Brian...welcome to a great forum. Great set of lights you have there. As previously posted, prepare to own many more!

Aloha and welcome to BLF Brian!