Basically, I’m a mechanic who uses flashlights every day for my job. And I was like, why are some tiny flashlights super-bright, and other massive torches are laughably dim? Does the battery make a difference, or the bulb? These questions, along with applying my automotive electrical training, caused my interest in flashlights. First I bought an LED upgrade for an old Maglite, now I’m buying a P60 host and playing with battery options. Thanks for making this awesome forum, I’ve been reading/learning for months and finally made a post.

The flashlight I use at work is a Streamlight DS LED HL (800 lumens), but I want to build an even brighter P60 light from simple/cheap parts.

Fasttech is your go-to place for pills, drivers, LEDs, hosts, etc., for “P60” based stuff.

It's nice of you to join us, T80Eagle!

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