Help BLF! NealsGadgets screwed me over!

I have no idea what to do here. I have ordered from them before and I have yet another order in transit as well as the order I’m currently having the issue with. I ordered their no name brand LEP which was supposed to arrive weeks ago and never did. Nealsgadgets kept telling me to contact the courier which I did. Here is a copy of his email-


can you contact them

tracking: 1LSCZ5A001ST6R4


Distributor Website:OnTrac

Contact number:804-414-2590/804-251-1276

I will also contact them"

So the courier tells me it has been lost in transit and he will email myself and Nealsgadgets the proof that it was lost. I have since emailed Nealsgadgets multiple times for many days and have not received any response. My flashlight was supposed to arrive in mid May but the tracking kept pushing the date up over and over. last tracking had it supposedly arriving on May 21. This is unreal. Obviously I will dispute the charge with my bank but I guess I want to know if anyone else has had issues with this company? I actually went with Nealsgadgets because I had heard good things on this forum and on CandlepowerForums. I felt the need to share my experience. I’m now concerned about my second package which is almost $200.00. This sucks.
Any ideas?

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Oh man I’m also getting screwed by them. Maybe the business is going under? New owners?

Call him out and tag him on Facebook with yyour order number demanding a refund, threaten to dispute charges on your card, you got this.

I only ordered from Neal one time.

I ordered a FW3C with Nichia 219C.

When it arrived the Lumintop box didn’t have the sticker indicating what Emitters were installed.
Also the cardboard was slightly damaged(like someone pealed the sticker off) where the sticker normally is.

After opening the packaging I discovered the light had SST20, not the 219C I had ordered.

When I contacted Neal, he said he didn’t have any FW3C with Nichia 219C in stock and that the SST20 was also High CRI.

After asking how we can make it right, he offered to exchange it for another one with XPL-HI CW, but I wasn’t interested in those either.

Because the Emitter sticker was pealed off I really feel like he pulled a bait and switch on me.

I don’t not plan to order from him again.

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That’s a piss poor way of doing business. Waiting for a dispute to do the right thing? Eff this dude man. Never again.

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Good idea i never use facebook but ill give it a go thanks.

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I just dropped him a msg on your behalf. Hope he is able to get it sorted it out soon.

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I agree with jon_slider. The problem is with the delivery service which last received the package. The shipper has no control over them. All Neal can do is provide the tracking number. Paypal allows 180 days to make a claim. That is one reason I will use Paypal even if I could have used my own banks credit card.

It is a great disappointment when delays and lost/misplaced shipments occur. I’ve been down that road before. But it is the transport company at fault. No sense bad mouthing a seller in cases like this.

My opinion.

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Respectully that’s b.s. imo. I paid for the item. Seller owns a business. He should have a way to deal with these issues that doesn’t involve the paying customer having to deal with it. I handled my end when I paid for the item and seller accepted my payment. Incidentally this will go down as the first time I’ve ever had this happen through UPS.
Another thing, none of what you are mentioning explains nor does it excuse Nealsgadgets simply refusing to return my emails. We had back and forth until courier emailed both of us the “lost in transit” email. Then nothing. I repeatedly emailed them explaining that I was at a loss as to how to proceed. He didn’t even send an email with recommendations on how I might deal with our situation.
Maybe you are comfortable defending someone who displays that level of unprofessionalism but I never would be. Something tells me most people on this forum agree with me but I could be wrong.

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He will have to take the loss if you file a dispute… but it is not his fault the USPS is so slow… and you will probably still get the package eventually, when USPS gets through their backlog…

Why would he take a loss? the packages are insured, (at least they should be), so he would be refunded by usps insurance. he is the one to do it, usps will not refund the receiving party, only the sender, since he arranged the shipment. It is a common sense to protect yourself when sending something in the mail. If he does not, for some reason get packages insured, well his mistake. save a penny but lose a dollar is a bad business practice.

I do agree, it is not his fault, but he is the only one who can fix it.

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That’s very much appreciated and I thank you. I had already opened up a case with PayPal just to cover my bases. Shame, I had every intention of being a repeat customer as I caught the flashlight bug many moons ago. His loss I guess but now I have to find another source with decent prices. Any suggestions?

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Sorry you had to go through that. Unfortunately a lot of us have. Once was enough for me. I ordered from him about three or four years ago. Sent him several emails and he never responded. The light finally arrived 6 weeks or so later with the wrong emitter. I contacted him one more time to no avail.

That’s the only experience I needed. I never ordered from him again. And like one had mentioned earlier, there’s a thread about all the negative experiences.

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I keep hearing bad things about him, both here and on Reddit. I never plan to order from him.

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From @2019 on---->

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I agree Flashlight Jones. You agreed to buy a light from him. His responsibility was to provide a light and have it shipped to you. Doesn’t matter who’s fault it is. He entered a agreement with whatever service is delivering it, you didn’t. Anytime there are shipping problems it is up to the person shipping to mitigate any problems, not you. You didn’t enter into any agreement with the shipper, the seller did.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s the shippers fault not Neals. He picked the shipping method, you didn’t. People making bad excuses for repeatedly poor service from Neal is sickening.

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One other thing, if somehow my light did show I would personality Zelle Neal the $123.75 without hesitation. One way or another that money would get to him. It’s called being fair and honest.

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Thank you 4 that!

He got back to me. Now my second order is missing a battery. He said he will refund me for the battery BUT the battery was for the forst order- the flashlight which never showed up.
So i asked him to please simply refund me for the flashlight and battery. He said he would ship me a replacement flashlight. He’s not getting what I’m telling him. I once again requested a refund since I don’t want to take any more chances. I recieved my Mateminco LEP which is fine enough for me. I’ll see how he handles it all and keep everyone posted.