Help BLF! NealsGadgets screwed me over!

He will have to take the loss if you file a dispute… but it is not his fault the USPS is so slow… and you will probably still get the package eventually, when USPS gets through their backlog…

Why would he take a loss? the packages are insured, (at least they should be), so he would be refunded by usps insurance. he is the one to do it, usps will not refund the receiving party, only the sender, since he arranged the shipment. It is a common sense to protect yourself when sending something in the mail. If he does not, for some reason get packages insured, well his mistake. save a penny but lose a dollar is a bad business practice.

I do agree, it is not his fault, but he is the only one who can fix it.

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That’s very much appreciated and I thank you. I had already opened up a case with PayPal just to cover my bases. Shame, I had every intention of being a repeat customer as I caught the flashlight bug many moons ago. His loss I guess but now I have to find another source with decent prices. Any suggestions?

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Sorry you had to go through that. Unfortunately a lot of us have. Once was enough for me. I ordered from him about three or four years ago. Sent him several emails and he never responded. The light finally arrived 6 weeks or so later with the wrong emitter. I contacted him one more time to no avail.

That’s the only experience I needed. I never ordered from him again. And like one had mentioned earlier, there’s a thread about all the negative experiences.

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I keep hearing bad things about him, both here and on Reddit. I never plan to order from him.

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From @2019 on---->

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I agree Flashlight Jones. You agreed to buy a light from him. His responsibility was to provide a light and have it shipped to you. Doesn’t matter who’s fault it is. He entered a agreement with whatever service is delivering it, you didn’t. Anytime there are shipping problems it is up to the person shipping to mitigate any problems, not you. You didn’t enter into any agreement with the shipper, the seller did.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s the shippers fault not Neals. He picked the shipping method, you didn’t. People making bad excuses for repeatedly poor service from Neal is sickening.

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One other thing, if somehow my light did show I would personality Zelle Neal the $123.75 without hesitation. One way or another that money would get to him. It’s called being fair and honest.

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Thank you 4 that!

He got back to me. Now my second order is missing a battery. He said he will refund me for the battery BUT the battery was for the forst order- the flashlight which never showed up.
So i asked him to please simply refund me for the flashlight and battery. He said he would ship me a replacement flashlight. He’s not getting what I’m telling him. I once again requested a refund since I don’t want to take any more chances. I recieved my Mateminco LEP which is fine enough for me. I’ll see how he handles it all and keep everyone posted.

If it were me I’d just do the chargeback or claim through paypal or whatever. Neal isn’t worth the headache. When he does get back to you it’s like he’s trying to make it difficult. At least that’s what it always felt like. Maybe it’s a language barrier. For me it’s a ‘never again’ shop to buy from. Not worth the headache.

This “LaserShip” courier doesn’t have the best reviews either lol. Their wikipedia page:

“In January 2022, the regional LaserShip delivery service had received more complaints to the Better Business Bureau than national carrier United Parcel Service (UPS).”


Maybe, but that is not the responsability of the buyer. The courier is chosen by the seller. Whether the courier is insured agains this loss, or the seller, does not matter. The buyer has paid, so he has done his share. Now it’s up to the seller to do HIS duty. If he is unwilling, or incapable, to do that, he has to refund.

BTW the issue of insurance is totally irrelevant to the buyer (unless the seller has written that in his terms and conditions, and even then…). Insurance does not make the obligations of one of the parties involved go away, insurance steps just in on behalf of that party.

This sale was an agreement between two parties. THESE parties are responsible to perform a part of the deal, and nobody else. So if you have a beef with a seller, don’t let him send you to settle things with the manufacturer, or the courier, or anyone else.
Unless … a third party steps in and says: let me take care of the issue you have with this seller.

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Not always. Just playing devil’s advocate, but when you get to checkout and have a list of shipping options to choose from I bet a lot of merchants would say that was you choosing the courier. PayPal or whoever might even have it setup so that your payment is going to the courier you select directly.

Each one of those couriers probably has its own fine print about when ownership transfers to the buyer and what each parties responsibilities are. Some might say the seller is only responsible until the product arrives in the destination country, or that ownership transfers to the buyer at point “x”, or whatever.

Idk what the case is here. Just playing devil’s advocate

Agreed. I did indeed go the PayPal route. PayPal has been a huge net plus since I started with them many years ago. Great customer service and they stand by their customers.

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Ok PalPal refunded me Neal finally contacted me and asked me to let him know of the flashlight ever does arrive which I told him of course I would. Also got reimbursed for the battery that he forgot to add. Thanks for all the help BLF!!! Much appreciated!

It is a sad commentary, but sometimes it does take filing a dispute with Paypal to get a settlement with some vendors.

I personally find this… extremely impudent. Worse than everything else discussed in whole thread. First screw someone over and mess with them long enough to force their hand to refund via paypal, then ask them “nicely” to inform about item arriving.

My response would be to just block/ignore such seller and keep the item as compensation for wasted time and annoyance they created, if it eventually arrives.

Good will must come both ways, if seller is being a complete jerk i would personally respond in kind…

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Well said. I think I agree with this. He never would have refunded me had I not contacted PayPal.

Blf, reddit, cpf, fonarevka. pretty much every flashlight forum i visit, has a negative thread or two about this seller. Pretty lousy business model he has.

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