Help: Can you ID the manufacturer of this?

I was at the Outdoor Retailers Show earlier this month and the new BSA Summit Bechtel Reserve Adventure Camp had a booth. Had a nice conversation with one of the reps and he gave me this flashlight as a give-away.

Would like to get some more but not at $14.88 and $7.50 shipping. Any ideas on OEM manufacturer of this unit?


Tactical-grade light is equipped for performance and built to last!

Features include:
Rugged knurling case built from aero-grade aluminum
Provides up to 170 lumens of light - more than six times a normal D-cell flashlight
Precision textured reflector made of aluminum
DC/DC regulator helps maximize output and lifetime
Tailcap button switch with three modes: full, low, and burst-flash
Uses two CR123A batteries (not included)
Black with Summit Bechtel Reserve™ logo on side

Looks like a regular p60 host, like the ultrafire 501b,502b,503b,504b, but with a different kind of head.

they will be around the same price, and probably cheaper. If you don't mind getting one with a different head, you should be able to find one for around $10 shipped from China.

Not a bad looking little host though, assuming it's P60-compatible. A light like that would be about $150 at a local gun show! Those are always fun to go to and to look at the flashlight vendor tables. In this case, just get a P60 host and build it up with a better drop-in than that.

It’s not a P60, it has a star with a XP-E. Any other thoughts on the OEM on this?

Perhaps I need to move to TX. I bought a table at a show here in Indiana last fall and sold 1 light. Everyone was complaining at the high cost of Zebras. The only other flashlight guy was selling $20 clones. He was doing alright but not enough to merit the ever coming back.

Yeah, at the local shows here there's usually only one guy who's a serious rip-off artist selling flashlights. He's selling C8s and P60s for outlandish prices. I usually end up looking at a $100+ dollar C8-style light with an XR-E emitter and comparing it to the output of my XM-L EDC and commenting to a friend on how my light only cost about $16... He probably doesn't like me very much.

No I suspect not!

Hmmm…looks like a generic Chinese mutt made from a mixture of 502c/504b parts and other various lights. That is an XR-E, BTW, not an XP-E :wink:

Right. And the pill seems to be hollow => My suggestion: Avoid.

The last two cr123 light I bought was the Xblaze, 850 lumens (750 OTF) and I got mine for $32 at KMS tools

IMNERHO, it is important to be DISliked by the right people.