Help deciding on a safe / budget thrower $15 or less.

Howdy folks. First post but been reading flashlights forums for awhile. I'm looking for help deciding on a safe / long throwing 18650 light as I have a couple batteries and a charger from a light that has died. I want to stay around $15 or less and from searching the forum I have narrowed it down to three lights, I'm open to other choices as well but this is what I have come up with thus far. All input will be greatly appreciated.

My wants-

1. Safe as possible.

2. Long impressive throw. (When I turn it on I want people to think, DAMN that's a bright light!)

Narrowed list- (I will consider a couple $'s more if it makes a decent difference)

1. (SIPIK CK361 Cree Q3-WC 3-Mode 180-Lumen White LED)

2. (UltraFire MCU-C8 CREE Q5 5-Mode)


(High-Power CREE Q5 LED 400 Lumens 5-Modes)

Do you want bright or throw?

If you want bright get a light with XM-L led if you want throw get with XRE led.

SIPIK CK361 will have great throw but I think there with be no or little spill.


When you say no spill are you referring to beam similar to this... I have a 3 million candle power spotlight, its a hell of a thrower, I want a smaller similar light to it that I can use the 18650's in. Basically I want bright and throw, I want it to be bright as hell at a long distance. Such as when my dog is 100 yards away barking, I want to be able to try and light up what he may be barking at.

Then go for SIPIK CK361 or a flood to zoom light.

have a look at this review

and this one

I'm also interested in a 18650 thrower but not necessarily those, Im not sure what emitters and reflectors I should be looking for in a torch that makes it a good thrower though.

What your budget?

@ how2: "..or a flood to zoom light."

I have two of these: No idea how this torch compares to the ones linked above but I'm very impressed with mine. Useable throw of maybe 100+ yards with the versatility of flood. Lens can be easily removed by unscrewing the bezel so the light can be used in 'mule' mode to illuminate a whole room. Astonishing value for money.

EDIT: Sorry, something wrong with link, you may need need to copy/paste manually.

definitely go for the sipik, it keeps on amazing me (even with my 2500 lumen DRY)

I'd say go for the Super Tactics light. I have one and its a great, well driven, Q5 all-rounder. It will throw 100m very nicely no problems. Its certainly by far the best option within your budget.

About $20-30, but Id still like to know what to look for.

Hope this help

Good thrower light have XRE OR XPE.

Good Flood lights have XML or SCC P7 or MCE, the XM-L is the best.

Something is the middle is the XPG which has good throw and flood.


UniqueFire T6 XM-LT6 5-Mode 750-Lumen for $17.39

VFM, would you say it significantly out-throws a Sipik clone loaded with a 14500? My trigger finger has been poised over that Super Tactics light several times now, but I keep telling myself I don't need it..

Good question. I have one of these on the way. Seems like the hotspot would be much bigger, I would hope this is the case. Anyone know of any advantage of the Super Tactics over the Sipik?

Do you think this has a larger hotspot than the Sipik ck361?

I'd say the Super Tactics (Q5 MRV Clone) significantly out-throws a Sipik SK68 clone loaded with a 14500.

I don't have a Recoil light so I have no personal experience of it compares to the Sipik CK361 recoil light. However, I would expect the Super Tactics to throw fractionally less than the Recoil light but with a generally more usable beam (i.e. have worthwhile throw).

I don't have the Sipik, but my UltraOK Super Tactics compares very well to the respected UniqueFire HS-802 that cost about twice as much.

Super Tactics' hotspot diameter is 20cm at 3m.

HS-802 is 10cm at 3m, but with a wider corona and a few more lux.

The Super Tactics' reflector is plastic, but optically excellent.

XR-E C8 from a US seller for $10.99 shipped. The Sipik and supertactic look nice too.

yep …

xre xpe and xpc are all throw emitters ..they are the older emitters so naturally they get a bad rap. they are commonly refered to as q3 q4 q5 and r2 ....q3 and Q4 being the oldest and maybe rthere is some validity in thinking they are a bit old ... generally q3q4 and q5 means xre emitter and generally r2 means xpe ....xpc being the odd emitter but you said throw and it throws it's butt off and has nice tints usually ..dirtball cheap throwers are the home depot lights 2 for 8.88$..

A xpg is a nice mix of flood and throw

xml ,mce,p-7 are all floody emitters .

A thrower is xre xpe or xpc emitter and has a very deep reflector .these emitters always have a pronounced hot spot and then lesser and lesser rings or corona of light ..spill..

serious throwers look like a lightsabre at night .A thrower is good for spotting something down the road .A floody emitter lights up your backyard a thrower puts an 8 foot spot on your shed ..Depending on your yard ) :P

At my house at the front and rear doors i have a thrower . To walk my dog i have a xpg , on my bike I have an xpg .In the shop or working i need flood so i want a xml or an xpg with a shallow reflector like a uf-2100.sometimes i want a wall of light and I want to light up the entire bacK yard ...XmL..