Help finding driver/CB/cob for Supe P53

No flood, just a tiny bit of oxide on CB. Batt 4S and holds 16.8V so its ok at least. Cob fires up but dies quickly, blue and red side leds works fine. Trying to find a replacement for driver/cb HX-17003A2 & HX-17061A3 and if possible upgrade the 21mm square sink luminus cob (no nr on it). Pics coming up.

Just a case of bad conn between charge unit and cb. Pack conn to a ‘in light charge unit’ and that conn to cb. Shitty design… better if it had an external charger so one could carry more packs. Client happy at least…

Oof. At least it was easy to fix.

One thing that’s easy about COB lights at least is how easy they should be to fix.