Help finding high CRI, warm color, LED replacement for interior camper lighting

I am looking for a relatively inexpensive and not too involved High CRI warmer temp replacement for the ceiling lights in my camper.

Right now I have a Frankenstein assortment of older plate style SMD LED’s and some legacy incandescents. The color temp (6500+) and CRI from the LED’s is not pleasant at all. There is no need telling my son ghost stories when we camp, all I have to do is turn on the lights and we all look like the living dead.

The camper currently has 12 volt dome lighting using bayonet type Ba15s sockets, it would be nice to find some high CRI dropins. Eventually I might use high CRI light strips and rewire the interior but for now I would like to find a direct replacement or something with minimum modification to use for the rest of the camping season this year.

Does anyone have any specific product suggestions or general ideas before I start going down the researching rabbit hole.

Thanks for the help,

Great idea. My camper, unfortunately, has LED lighting that I cannot easily swap.

I wired up a pair of these 20” bar lights in my neighbor’s trailer to replace the incandescent lights that came with the unit. He’s quite happy with the result as it is brighter and more efficient than the wussy lights the manufacturer supplied. I used the natural white version since I had a bunch of them on hand but you can get warm white. You can’t beat the price. Less than $5 for a pair of them with clear or milky cover. I looked and you can find CRI90+ lights but the price goes way up…

Thanks “Vegas LED Fan” I will eventually use some type of those fixture strips and the link is a good start. I just didn’t want to install new fixtures yet even though it looks like I could simply replace my dome lights with those strips.

After doing some searching I have found a few inexpensive panels with BA15S adapters. They have newer brighter LEDs with warmer color tint but no indication of CRI. Probably easiest to just get a set with a nice warmer tint and call it good for a few more months.

I am still going to keep looking for a couple more days. I’ll bet someone has a 12v LED panel around 2.5” by 1.5” that is warm tint with high CRI but I just haven’t found it yet. If I can find the panel it would be easy to wire it to a BA15S socket adapter to use for the rest of the season.