Help finding long thin floody light

Im making some changes with the gear I carry at work and am looking for some ideas on a new light. I currently carry a Darth 3xXML2 which I’m happy with the amount and shape of the beam, but I decided it would be easier to carry a long thin light instead of the short fat style. I built a 2x18350 MT-G2 that I just love the beam of but run time is way to low. Is there anything that gives me the MT-G2 with two or three 18650’s end to end? I need large amounts of flood and very little throw.

A Convoy l4 with the extension tube might be what you are after. It would have to be modded, but with a mtg2 emitter you would get a floodier beam than the XML that comes in it. Add a little bit of DC fix and then you’ll have a nice floody light for sure.

Thanks! I didn’t know extension tubes were available. Does anyone know of something with a side switch also?

SolarForce Gladiator? If it’s still available…

Up to 4x 18650 in a LONG thin tube light:

Thorfire S50?

Most stock MT-G2 lights have a big head:

Or for modding (don’t think this would be a great host):

There are more options at 26650:

Or you can go more compact:

Hmmm… A 501d/502d type host like Bugsy referenced would work, if the light was rather gently driven. As a P60, heat sinking would be a concern for higher drive currents. Unless the OP supplements the drop-in for improved heat sinking, it could cause issues. Doesn’t mean I haven’t considered something similar… :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, the P60 hosts are cheap enough to experiment with. Curious: Pot a reflector into the bezel of a 50x style of host with JB weld or any other epoxy, then thread the pill into the reflector/bezel unit. The driver/emitter/pill combo could still be removed and reused with a different bezel if you want to swap reflectors. In normal use, all of the heat from a P60 is transferred into the body via the reflector-to-bezel junction anyway; this should enhance heat transfer out into the body.

Remove the battery tube, apply Vaseline to the interior parts, and assemble the head/pill/reflector/bezel. Use a syringe to inject an alcohol-thinned JBWeld into the space between the drop-in and the head components. In my experience, the thinned JB weld has a more rubberized texture than non-thinned… It also releases more easily than non-thinned. This should be removable from the head if desired. Regular CPU-type heat sink grease could be used to enhance the conductivity between the potted plug and the body of the light, once all has been removed and cleaned.

Thinking about this makes me want to try a hard-driven XHP-70 in a 501d host now… :cowboy_hat_face:

Bonus feature of the 502x style hosts. I find the pocket clips on these to be useless. Remove the pocket clips and you have two small holes into the battery tube, which would help to vent pressure in the event of a melt-down.

Plug the holes with low-temp hot glue to act as a water resistant pressure plug?

Or add a few ounces of copper. 2 X 18650 mod, 502b, XHP-50, LD-2 6V driver, copper pill threaded into both OP reflector and fins. Bake, then assemble.

I really dig that gladiator! Too bad it has a P60 drop in. Just not a fan of those.

The Olight S2A long and thin and floody and bright