Help. How to change the number of posts per page?

I’m trying to change the number of posts per page but couldn’t find this option in the settings. Any advice is much appreciated. Many thanks

Is it doable on this forum?

I do not think that function exists, at least for users

Go to a thread (like this one)

At the bottom of the page just above the add comment box. “comment viewing options”

It carries over to other threads. I have mine set at 50 posts per page.

wow it does exist, I had no idea, thanks pilotdog68.

If I open a thread and go to the bottom where is says “comment viewing options”
there’s an option to go from the default of 30 to 10 to 300 comments per page.

ahaaaa. Got it. Thanks pilot.

Sometimes if I need a picture or graph from a thread but don’t know what page it’s on, I’ll set it to 300 per page and zoom out so I can quickly scan the whole thread

Also worth noting — if you paste in a link to a comment elsewhere, that assumes everyone is using the same “comments per page” setting you’re using — it just gives the link by counting pages to suit your settings, I guess, at least once the page count gets high enough.

I’m always set to 300/page; this is the link the blog gives me for this comment:

Anyone using a different number for “comments per page” may find the link doesn’t count pages right (for them) so takes them to the top of that thread.

I usually just quote a bit of text along with the pointer, so a search will find the relevant comment in that case.

Sorry if I missed it, but has the option to change posts per page disappeared?

I remember setting mine to 300, but I realize it’s only 30 now, and the option’s nowhere to be found.

Maybe it went bye bye in the upgrade sb did quite a while ago.

Thanks, seems like it. :((