Help ID LED in modded Novatac

A friend bought a Novatac 120P with a defective driver. He obtained a spare driver with an unknown LED that is not Cool White…

Can anyone guess what the LED is? I can get more pics if needed… just curious to learn what the LED might be.

XM-L2 4000-4500K ?

Not sure if your asking the LED type or the tint. djozz has a bunch of led test.
And there is a thread with many led photos, I just can’t find it atm.

Whats under the butterfly ?

thats my guess, but I have no evidence to support my opinion

type not tint
can we at least say it is Not a P4?

I dont know anything about the butterfly
I was hoping someone might recognize it and the LED type…

the white insulator thing that setting on top of the led. Sorta looks like a butterfly.

Might get better view of led without it.

also learned

and a pic of possibilities in progress

butterfly seems not to be a stock CW P4, most likely XM-L2 NW

It looks like the bond wires are on the same side as the “polarity” dot on the bottom left of the emitter. If that is really a dot then it’s not CREE, right?

The SST-40 does that but it isn’t made in NW. If that isnt actually a dot i’m seeing this it’s probably XM-L2

thanks for your thoughts, dont know the answers, appreciate all contributions to the puzzle… Im still tentatively positive about XM-L2… lol

hysterical trivia
There was also a P4 in NW High CRI, but Im pretty sure we have already eliminated P4 in this case

[QUOTE=lateralus180]HDS executive original HighCRI 100 lumen
Original version of the high cri. Has Seoul LED, I don’t remember if its 3700K or higher. [/QUOTE]