Help looking finding 32650/32700 cells

I’ve got two TrustFire TR-J20 chunky lights that use three 32650’s each. Mateminco’s TK06 uses a 32700 7000mah cell. Anyone know who sells or makes them? My original cells are ten years old and this light needs some modding. All I seem to find are 32650’s in 3.2v or the older Trustfire stuff.

Hi texas shooter. I too have had the same problem. Actually the 32mm diameter size batteries out there were not very good, in my opinion. So, what I have done is convert 26650’s to 32650’s…There are a variety of tubes and rubber O-rings available. 26-27mm inside diameter to like 31 or so outside diameter. I have sometime had to split the tubing to get it around the 26650. Plus there is one very high power 26650 out made/marketed by Vapcell with 6200mAh capacity. I haven’t looked around for a while, there may be pre-made adapters for this conversion today.

Now on to the 32700 battery. I have seen 18650 to 21700 adapters but have not seen any others. So, I guess you could make you own adapters but using 21700 batteries with O-rings or flexible tubing again. You may have to do 2 layers of different size tubing to make the conversion. 1 layer to take it to around 26mm diameter and another to take to 31mm diameter… Or you could go the 26650 route with the appropriate flexible tubing or O-rings for the diameter conversion and a 50mm electrical conducting plug of copper for the length conversion. The diameter of this plug will be like 10-20mm to make contact with contacts of the battery, depending on the end you want to use it on. I would try the 20mm diameter size for the negative end of the battery…

Oh boy, that’s a lot of stuf…hope it helps…a little and not to confusing.

Thanks for looking. The light came with a plastic one piece tube for 26650 cells. I’ve done a resistor mod and LED upgrade so am looking for the best higher current and capacity cells to run it. The Vapcell 6200mah 15amp cells do work. Mateminco’s TK06 has a 7,000mah running 6 xhp50’s solo, so I’m wanting it’s amp capacity too. It’s the cell I’m hunting for now. If I do find it I’ll post the link.

Vapcell G65 is a good 32700 3.2V cell.

Thanks Hoop, but I need three 3.7v to run the light. Somewhere Mateminco got their hands on a 32700 3.7v 7000mah cell with enough push to run 6-xhp50’s. I’m needing those.

Have you contacted Mateminco? I can’t seem to get a message to send on AE but maybe you’ll have better luck.

I just sent an email to Neal’s gadgets asking if they can sell them.

Maybe one of the battery stores, liion wholesale, Aloft Hobbies, et. al. would be willing to get them and resell them, since they’d be the exclusive seller of a decent 32700 if they did that. Might be worth asking around.

I did but it’s new year party time. Looks like Soshine has the same or similar cell listed as 6500mah with an 18amp output.

Im still using a set of 10 year old unprotected Trustfire 32650’s (someone tested at 7500+ mAh) They work well in my Trustfire TR-J20 and Fenix TK70 (with boost driver). They seem to last forever. The last time I checked, they were only available in protected versions (which netted lower mAh capacity and lower A output). Kaidomain still sells what appears to be the protected version and someone purchased unprotected versions directly from a few years back. If your light is still stock, the protected version should be more than enough. You could also cut the wrapper and remove the pcb.

Did you resistor mod to your J20 or is it still a stock light?

It’s resistor modded. I found who made the cells then google searched the manufacturer number. Soshine sells them as a 7500mah cell.

Thats good to know. I’ll keep that in mind if I need replacements in the future. Since they arent in high demand, my only hesitation would be their date of mfgr. Do you plan on buying the Soshine versions?

Found a place that sells 21.99 for two. Don’t know the age but from what I can find the 7500mah were introduced about 7 years ago. If I do buy I’ll post the capacity, internal resistance off of the Xtar VC8S. If fake and using the 6000 or 6500mah cells could be up to 14 years old.