[HELP]Manker E14iii keeps turning off

For some reason it’ll only stay on for 5-10 seconds at a time before turning off. I’ve tried locking it out and back on (4 quick clicks and it’s supposed to flicker? I don’t see the flicker happening though) switching modes, different batteries. Am I doing something wrong?

What battery are you using? Have you fully charged it?

Keeppowers LG MJ1’s and Keeppowers Sanyo NCR18650GA’s. Both 18650 and they are fully charged.

Are you able to change modes whilst it’s on? Try cleaning the ends of the tubes, both inner and outer with isopropyl alcohol, and also the boards outer ring and two little prongs that make contact with the inner switch tube.

It’ll start on medium and then I can cycle it to high, but it’ll turn off before it’ll cycle back to moonlight and won’t turn back on for a second or two. I noticed that by almost completely unscrewing the head until it’s almost off, that the light will stay on. I’ll try cleaning it like you suggested!

Continuity problem. Had similar problem with Mateminco MT07. Battery tube was not making good contact with bottom of cap. I cleaned board carefully and sanded bottom of tube. It’s been working ever since. Hope this works for you.

Batteries may be too long.
When head is cranked all the way down a board is getting flexed and making bad contact.
Have a few lights like this, try a shorter battery. If an unprotected batt is too short add dollop of solder.


I gave everything a thorough cleaning and everything seems to be working A-OK as of right now. However, in doing so, I broke out my extra 18650 tube that I ordered when I bought the EDC Muscle Combo. Only to find out that the inner diameter of the tube is a nanometre too thick to accept any of the 18650’s I own lol

I contacted Manker support and fingers crossed they get back to me!

Imgur: The magic of the Internet (add-on tube is the bottom one)