help me build a l2i powerhouse!

just got done building one l2i with an ak47 driver and a cree q5. it is really impressive with the light output for what it is. i am going to leave this one in my junk drawer for home use only as i am just using it with the 3xaaa's. i have another l2i host new in the package that i either want to sell or build into a dedicated 18650 platform. the batteries that i have are protected fandyfires and are 69mm long. i toyed with the 18650's in the one i already have built. i just took the spring off the driver and soldered a blob onto it to make extra room. it worked ok but if i super tightened the head and tailcap, the light cut out. i want a little more reliablity so i decided to put the spring back in and use it as it was primarily designed which has given me no problems. in my line of work (public safety), i need a light that puts out some serious lumens, but can operate in lower modes for longer run times and also have a strobe feature to get peoples attention real quick. the new l2 with the tactical tailswitch would be ideal, but i already have this l2i host and i love the extra thickness of the body. help me!!!



Get this and mod your tailcap, then 18650 will fit without any problem.

What I did with my L2m was, Drop-in:

But I´m very picky on PWM, this dropin has quite low PWM frequency so I changed driver to this:

i saw the thread about modifying the switch. is the problem just with the stock spring or does this switch from shining beam also sit lower in the tailcap? i like forward clickies better but won't i have problems switching modes with that switch? i've heard forward clickies are problematic with multi mode drivers.

IMO it is only a matter of getting used to it in switching modes.

The clicky itself sits lower, so it´s not only the smaller spring that makes more room for the 18650.

Sometimes , if your unlucky , a forward clicky can be troublesome with some drivers , but the Romisen switch seems to be mostly ok ...

If you dont want to change clickies , just try a unprotected 18650 as there shorter .

Check out post 32 here Solarforce L2i too tight with 18650
I am a big fan of the L2i, no problems dong it this way. It is NOT the size of the 18650 that is the problem. In fact if you do use shorter batteries, you are just closer to a dead short because you have not cleared the ridge inside. I think removing the spring would work also because then when you load from the tail you can be sure the battery goes through the hole to the driver. With the spring in, the battery rests on the spring and when you tighten the tailcap the battery will go crooked. I have never tried removing the spring because loading from the head works so well.

thanks guys. i think i found my answer. i ordered the t6 manafont drop in and the shining beam tailswitch from the links above. thank you for all the replies.