Help me buy my first flashligt

I’ve been reading this forum for a while now. But the more I read it the more I have a dilemma which flashlight to buy.

I have decided so far that I want to buy these:

  • Charger Xtar SP2 - Review that persuaded me is here
  • 18650 Batteries Xtar 3400mah - Review that persuaded me is here
  • Flashlight?

There are so many flashlights out there that I am really confused. What I would like is a flashlight with 2 18650 batteries with an option to extend to 3 batteries if that makes more light. If that only extends the battery life then I don’t care about it. I want the light to be as small as possible. But power is more important tough. I would like the flashlight to be so powerfull that I can melt the moon with it :slight_smile: and have at least 3x XM-L T6 LEDs. And last, the most important thing is the turn on/of button. I see that most flashlights have 1 button with strobe/sos options. I have a similar flashlight now with that same functionality and it really frustrates me. I just want to turn the light on and off. OK, if there are 3 steps of different power then that’s ok too. But I definetly do not want to see that strobe and sos everytime I want to turn on or of the flashlight.

So… Since I know some of you have a lot of knowledge about this. I would really appreciate if you could give me some recommendations.

Thank you in advance

EDIT: 4 batteries is fine also if they are stacked next to each other. I just don’t want the light to be very long.

The Sky Ray King… Althought it meets most of your criteria. It uses 4 batteries.

Awesome! Thank you for your reply Dale.
I just found out that APEX 5T6 meets meets my criteria too. Gonna review them both now. More recommendations really appreciated

Would be another choice. Although decidedly a bit more costly.


That was exactly what I was thinking.

There really is nothing else that is smallish with three emitters that beats it. I suppose if you are willing to invest the money you could go with a Black Shadow Terminator. That would be another light to consider if money isn’t the issue.

YA KNOW…. Posting all these pictures of my lights leads me to believe I may have a problem… LOL :bigsmile:

Fasttech Asgard

The Xtar cells are quite expensive, if you are concerned about your budget, try looking at Panasonic 3100mAh’s or even 2900mAh’s.

Here are some examples:

I have 3 lights that have 3-4 leds and all run off 4x18650 batteries.
Fenix TK75, BlackShadow Terminator and SRK.
Right now the Terminator is probably my first choice but to be fair, I haven’t had a chance to take the TK75 out somewhere that I can really let it strech it’s legs. The SRK is just a step behind. I really like them all.

for your first light that can satisfy your lumen/throw for little money?
try Smallsun ZY T13 or Smallsun ZY T08 :slight_smile:
or Lightmalls C8 XM-L2 ( one of the brightest light out there for less than $20 )


Skyray King

Wow. I just woke up and I see so many answers. Thank you all very much

What light would i buy ?? I'd suggest you be on wallbuys buying whatever you think looks good to you

You need to state your budget.

Spontaneously I’d recommend the Skyray King mimic for 40 bucks shipped from Manafont (the one I have and love has a hidden strobe that you won’t face unless you want to and only high and low mode, that’s it! Works like a beast!) and along with that if you want to stay low budget the protected 2400 (or 2200) mAh Panasonic 18650s from Fasttec. That will be 21 bucks for 4 very good batteries shipped. As charger I use the TR-001 from DX, costs 8 or 9 bucks. I had 4-5 of them and no problems. So for 70 bucks you stay cheap enough to afford a 2000lm light. Good entry level.
Want anything more quality as for flashlight. Try a used Nitecore TM11 from ebay (can get it for 120 bucks) but make sure its v1.12 (version). Better batteries? Just get higher rated mAh (capacity) from Fasttec. Doingoutdoor and intl-outdoorshop are also great sources for good Panasonic cells. Fenix TK75 is also affordable for around 160 bucks and runs on 4x 18650. Or try a TN31 XM-L2, but it only has 1 emitter. BUT is a great thrower (long distance efficency), has great runtimes and costs only around 150 bucks. Takes 3x 18650.


The TR-001 is $7.87 at FastTech:


Oh, that’s helpful! DX sucks anyway. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forum and happy light hunting! May I ask if you are located in the US by chance?

Hi CalvinIS,

Lights are just awesome! I am from Slovenia (Europe).

Supbeam k40 one of the best throwers with greath reviews and good price