Help me choose a flashlight!

I’m looking for a bright ergonomic flashlight to carry with me during walks. Not sure if it’s overkill but I can get

Olight SR Mini II Intimidator KIT for $134.14

Olight R50 Seeker for $78.72

Which one is the better deal? Are they even deals at all? Do I have better options out there?

I’m located in Canada but the above pricing is in USD. Thanks!

I find that the SR Mini to be a little too thick to carry comfortably but the build quality is miles ahead of the R50. There are smudges inside the R50, the battery chamber had metal shavings on the battery, and the power button is a little crooked. The tint is also really green and I can see the LED in the beam when I have it on low. None of this is visible on the SR Mini but I’m not sure if it’s worth the $55 premium.

i think those are kinda bulky and overkill no ? i would go for a olight m22/m23 maybe? throws 1000lumen and is not that big and u can easy have one of those in your pocket or jacket…

U take walks in the forest or where?

I just got a Klarus XT12GT and love it. Very bright, long throw, excellent modes. It comes with an expensive Kalrus 3600 mAh battery and magnetic charger. It goes for $94.95 on Gearbest but I got it for $60.00 with coupon form M4DM4X. Check out reviews, it is an awesome light. Good luck in your hunt.

How so? The m23 is longer than both the flashlights that I’d listed with 1/3 the lumens.

Hi winspiration and welcome to BLF!!
Did you took a look at the Klarus G20?
The price seems to be in-between those you mentioned and seems to have good specs.
I don’t have one, but I’d like to as it seems an excellent light for walks! :smiley:

Have fun here :+1:

If you find interest in the Zanflare F1, light I have one I’ll sell for what I paid ($19.95), and shipping to you $5.95 (priority 2 –3 day) I bought one on a flash sale on Amazon. I ordered the cool white but they sent me the warm white by mistake. They sent the correct light and allowed me to keep the mistake. Its been turned on twice and put back in the box, so it’s practically brand new. It’s a nice light, bright and compact. I just don’t care for warm white flashlights. Sorry Zanflare, don’t mean to steal sales from you… :innocent:

Eagle Eye X6R NW ~$20
Panasonic protected ~$5
Done :wink:

Miller can you please give me a link where I can get the X6R for $20?


Here’s a thing to remember: don’t be dazzled by lumen and candela ratings. You’re very unlikely to use max power regularly, and if for some bizarre reason you do use it very often, remember that the battery will quit on you faster than an employee receiving less than minimum wage. Sit back and judge if the very highest in the market is really what you need… even if it’s REALLY cool to have a lumen monster :smiley:

What I’d recommend depends on what terrain you hike in. Is it mountainous, forested, flat open terrain with few trees in sight, urban, what?

You can get the blf a6 for around $20 with a Q30 battery included if you check the flash sales and coupons available on the forum. I just received mine about 2 weeks ago and it is fantastic, with 7 levels from moonlight to 1400-1600 lumens, you can cycle forward and backward through the modes, turn memory on or off, access hidden strobe/blinker/battery check. Hard to beat, and comes in various tints, my neutral 5000k shows colours better than anything else I have.

Just me, but for night walking I prefer a flood or floddy beam type. Lumen monsters with long throw tend to be a bit hot and can wash out areas of periphial vision. I find my Mecarmy PT16 a great light for this. Triple LED gives a very wide swath of light and has a 1000 lumen turbo mode should you need it. As has been said, turbo mode is rarely used in my (humble) experience. Very compact in it's 16340/18350 tube size and battery can be charged on board with any common usb (cell phone) charger. has the latest version with improved UI. There is a discount code but not sure if I can post it or not.... ~45 USD. Just one option.

A little cheaper when it’s on sale but the Klarus is bigger than both of the Olights that I’d listed. Half the lumens but double the throw. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.

Is the deal still ongoing?

Thanks for the kind welcome!

Now I have not 1 but 2 Klarus to consider! :open_mouth: I honestly don’t know how to pick between all of these options!

Are my original choices really that bad based on the price?

The thing is, I don’t really need a flashlight! I mean I can get by with the light on my phone. :innocent: I just want something really cool and nice looking. That’s why I was leaning towards the SR Mini even though it didn’t seem like much of a deal.

Well, I’m not an expert to say that your initial options are good or bad, but I guess that almost all the suggestions give try to make a compromise between price (not so expensive as you proposed), usability (how do they work, the user interface, getting hot or not, draining too much power or not, ….) and functionality of the light (what do you need it for).

I guess that Jack Kellar placed some important questions, about how are your walks like, where, etc. The suggestions we may give depend on lots of factors, then.

When walking at dark night in my village I normally carry a 15€ (/- 17 USD) light or a 23€ (/- 25 USD) flashlight and that gives me plenty of brightness. I carry a Sofirn SP32 or a Zanflare F1, that produce enough light for my walks.
However, that may not suit you, because of the places where you are may need more light.

Almost every suggestions here (mine is an exception and was given due to the characteristics of those you presented) walks the “budget” path but extremely reliable flashlights.

If you want an expensive powerhouse in your hands, sure, you can buy those and illuminate the whole place :wink:
But I guess there may be other options, in terms of budget, characteristics and so on that may bring light to your night!

I don’t own any Olight light, and they seem to be pretty good! But there are others, and those have been suggested here :wink: And zillions other lights could have been suggested.

Take a look at those on youtube, here on BLF reviews and find your match :wink: :+1:

This sounds amazing? Where would I find it?

Here :wink:

EDIT: Oops, says “under restocking” :person_facepalming:

Are these lights affiliated with this forum? I was told that most brands from China are built with questionable quality with over-inflated rated lumens.

The BLF A6, with a really well-suited battery, at that price is an incredible deal! A6 has been my edc since it came out, and I’ve not been tempted by any other everyday light since. I have quite a few other flashlights, but the A6 gets 99% of my use. Only exception being when I need to light up something FAR away.