Help me choose: olight s2 baton or zebralight sc63

Hi guys. Let me introduce myself. My name is Yosue Caridad and im from Venezuela, so my main language is Spanish. So if you ever see an error in my writing please accept my apologies.

This would be my first post (of many hopefully). I arrived to this forum looking for a flashlight and ended up with long nights reading and no sleeping

i read a lot of the great BLF A6 (astrolux s1) and was about to buy it, but i wanted something a bit smaller

So back to business:

i have read a lot, searched a lot and the one that nearly approached to my preference was the olight s2 baton. But now i see the zebralight sc63 and guess what: i got bite by the “dont know which to pick” mosquito and i dont have signs of recovering. I think i have a good profile of becoming a flashaholic

So please, help me choose between this two. Pros, cons, portability, brighter (both are floody i believe), which battery should i pick (i read good things about samsung 30q, lg h2 etc). If you have beamshots comparison between this two that would be perfect

Anything you can do for me will be much apreciated


I prefer the Zebralight SC63w (the warmer tinted SC63).

I don’t have beamshot comparisons, but someone may chime in with that.

I like the user interface of the ZL better; it has direct access to low, medium, high, and strobe. I like that it has a lower moonlight mode. (I run it on lowest low on my nightstand pretty much every night at home and during travel.) I like that it has programmable secondary modes for perfect lighting and or spread between modes. I like that the ZL is temperature regulated and will not damage itself. I like the ZL’s low voltage shutoff (not sure about the S2).

The ZL does need unprotected cells exactly 65mm in length. Not a problem for me but sheesh, ya should have read some of the posts about that! :wink:

Biggest difference is the SC63w is much larger and brighter than S2.

If you’re comfortable carrying a slightly larger light in your pocket then the SC63w is probably the better choice. If you want something as small as possible for your pocket or keychain then the S2 will be better.

Olight S2
Width: 23mm
Length: 100mm

Zebralight SC63
Width: 24.5mm
Length: 92.5mm

The Zebralight is only wider by 1.5mm and it’s shorter than the S2. The S2 is not a keychain light, it takes an 18650 just like the Zebralight does.

Picture of S2 vs. SC62w. And the SC63 is even shorter.

Thanks to all for your orientation

I’m a Zebralight fanboy, so I’ll recommend the SC63w (“w” for the neutral tint). Very bright high modes, very dim low modes (multiple moonlight modes to choose from), and a nice UI that makes selecting modes easy (once you get used to it).

I’ve never bought an Olight, because I think they’re only available in cool white, so I now stay away from brands that do that.

I have both, and while I would say the zebralight is the superior light, let’s not forget that you can buy 2 of the Olight S2 for the price of the zebralight. There about $42 on eBay

Welcome to the forum Yosue!
I have a BLF A6 and several similar size convoy lights (S-series) but I also prefer something smaller for EDC, so I would like to give you another recommendation:

How about DQG Tiny 4th 18650?

I have both the olight S20 and the DQG Tiny1 (older versions of the S2 and DQG 4th)
I like the Olight because it has the magnet in the tailcap, VERY useful for me.

However I like the DQG because it is much smaller and has NW tint. Plus it’s very bright. Got mine on the original pre-order when they first came out back in May 2013, the original is a “twisty” (loosen/tighten the head to operate) It’s very reliable I’ve been using it for 3 years and have not had a single issue with it, I still use it nearly every day. Since the original there has been 3 more upgraded versions, the last 2 went to a side switch.

I’ve been looking at the S2 because its slightly shorter than the S20 (but only by 3mm) and I’ve read the tint is improved (S20 has a very cold bluish/green tint)
But the DQG is much smaller, has the NW tint, and I like the UI: 1 click low, 2 clicks med, 3 clicks high, press and hold for shortcut to Turbo. Plus it’s a great value at the discounted price, so I’ll probably be getting the DQG.

DQG Tiny 4th 18650
Bc412’s review:
Also several video reviews here, including one from Bc412(Bushcraft412):

Smallest of the three
86?mm x 24mm (not sure the real length, gearbest & fasttech shows 86mm, bangood shows 87mm, KD shows 89.85mm)
Bc412 review does not show actual length measurement
Lowest price ($27 w/code from Bc412 review or M4D-M4X)
Available in black or grey color (the grey is more of a tan/gold color)
Pros: Smallest, Lowest price, NW, good knurling, great simple UI with shortcut to turbo, improved switch more recessed than previous versions
Cons: ?

Olight S2

Largest of the three
103mm x 23mm
Pros: Deep carry pocket clip, strong magnet in tail
Cons: Largest, no NW option

Zebralight sc63

92.5mm x 24.5mm
Brightest of the three (1300lm/CW 1126lm/NW)
Most expensive ($85)
Pros: Brightest, NW available, deeply recessed switch to help prevent accidental pocket turn on
Cons: no knurling on tube, complicated UI may be a con for some, on backorder everywhere

AFAIK none of the above 3 lights would benefit from a high drain battery like the 30q. For longest run time you would be better off with a high capacity battery like this:
3500mAh Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA(protection version)
3500mAh Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA(Unprocted flat top version)

Also consider the astrolux s1 comes with an extra “shorty” 18350 battery tube, so with the smaller battery you can convert it to tiny size when you need to.

The S1 in 18650 configuration requires a high drain battery such as the 30q for maximum brightness, but if you’re not doing the spring bypass mods the 18650GA will give you good balance of output and runtime.

The Zebralight’s UI is horrible.

That's flashlight pornography right there! Not a bad light in the group. Nice!!

Yeah I’ve heard that a few times before, above post edited.

Ok, Maybe I should of said the “Zebralight’s UI is horrible to me!”

I have had over 12 Zebralights AA,CR123 and 18650. My favorite was the H50, I regret selling it.

I’m biased as the only Olight (S15R) I’ve ever owned went south never to return again. Can’t recommend them though they are generally considered good lights on BLF.
Don’t have any ZL.
Have and enjoy daily my DQG Tiny so I have to 2nd Beamo’s post.
Splendid UI for an EDC. The same size as the AA S15R. You read that right. The DGQ is an 18650 light the same size as an AA light. ReManGe refers to the DQG Tiny as an 18650 battery holder with a very bright light as a bonus. If a powerful, usable and solid EDC is what you’re looking for the DQG Tiny will fill the bill (at 1/3 the $$ as a ZL).

I had a DQG Tiny 4th, I really liked it. Finding the switch button could be an issue, I just rotated pocket clip 180 degrees from switch to help me find it.

Actually SMALLER than some AA lights:

Xeno e03 (AA) / SK-68 (AA) / DQG 18650 tiny 1st / Olight S15r (AA)

And my DQG 1st edition measures 91mm which is up to 5mm longer than any of the various lengths listed for the DQG 4th!

Yep, same problem with all 4 of my Olight S series, (S15, S15R, S20, S30)

I position the clips so they ride in the “open slot” between my thumb and fingers when my thumb is at rest on the button.

So when I grip the light I rotate till I feel the clip between my thumb and fingertips, that way the clip is not under any part of my hand, which is more comfortable to hold and I know my thumb will be in position right over the switch.
Like this:

If you use the 180 degrees (opposite from switch) method, give this a try instead, another benefit is less chance of accidental “pocket turn on” because when clipped in a front pants pocket the switch won’t be pressing up against your body like it is when in the 180 degrees position.

Hello Yosue,

A quick question - what’s the main purpose for that light? This can be important if you’re planning to use it a lot.

Personally I don’t like Zebra’s - ugly and overpriced.

I love lights where you have high value/money factor, my best picks would be:

- DQG Tiny (don’t have it yet, but it’s on my buy list).

- Manker U11 - UI possibilities similar to Zebra, compact and has built in charger (very nice feature if you’re going somewhere, so no need to take extra batteries/charger).

  • BLF A6 / Astrolux S1 with 18350 tube (great UI, small, but no side button) - my current EDC.

Personally I like Zebra’s , the best regulation of the world. No comparisson with others.
I love the UI of zebras, one of the better interfaces of the world if you know how to use it.

The worst is obviously the price, of course if are the most advanced lights of the world (in class of less than 100USD), the price can not be the same of others….
(I will not buy the SC63, because I like use protected battery and is not posible with this)

:confused: If you didn’t like the UI of the first 11 you bought, why would you buy a 12th?

All Zebralights have the same UI.