Help me choose the right batteries

Hello all.

Im new to the whole led thing and love this site. My first real led purchase will be a Ultra Fire Wf-502b and Uf-H3 and will be used for work. I will using a miller ml-101, a generic 3.1 dual usb 12v car port to charge the cells and want 4 cells that wont kill me and work in both flashlights. in the mean time i will keep reading to help me farther understand the whole battery deal. Thanks for all your help.

anyone have a opinion on these?

Just buy them you wont b dissapointed :slight_smile: Dont know anything about your charger ,but if its a decent one you should have no problems as long as you check voltages of batts before and after charging.

Yea just decided to go with Nitecore I4

Good charger…you should be happy with it.

Several reports indicate those cells are good. I have the unprotected UR18650ZTs, no experience with the FMs.
I hear the I4 is a good choice for a charger too.

BTW, Welcome to BLF! If you plan on sticking around here, get some extra batteries; you’ll soon have a lot more flashlights :wink: