Help me choose two flashlights (one compact EDC, on for countryside control)

I wouldn’t recommend it in this particular case. For multiple reasons. First - it has the least throw here. Second - XHP70 is a bettery killer, and we’re talking about a single cell flashlight. Third - complicated UI (OP said it should be simple to use as it will be used by his parents which may not be fluent in “clickology”).

Not too quick, it’s just too massive, also it may make a lot of light but the throw is just good, not very good.

€55 plus two fairly expensive batteries and a charger. Although the whole set can be had for the same 55 euros directly from Sofirn but through Aliexpress:

So OP has two choices here - a massive wall of light from a massive flashlight slightly over the budget (SP70) or still plenty bright but much more compact and yet with more throw - Convoy L21A.

Thank you all for the replies, it seems that there are many options and i have to do some homeworks….
A copule of things that i’ve found, looking at some reviews, is that for the EDC torch i don’t like colder lights (so 5000K will be good) and that a good colour represantation is also appreciated (so medium-high CRI).
The beam should also be not too concentrated, but have some amount of flood……if i’m walking on a pathway, is better than a the torch lights up the surroundings on the short-medium range, than a point far away.

I’ve read a couple of things about the Anduril and seems interesting and plenly pof features but not so user friendly for a “point and shoot” torch, so for the “bigger” one, that should be used by my parents, i would prefer a simple UI, as someone as corrrectly said.

I mean shipping time….all the Sofirn torch bought from aliexpress have mode than couple of month of stated delivery time

So for the first light Wurkkos FC11 is an obvious choice. With high CRI I’d recommend even the 4000K version.

Shipping time stated by Aliexpress is over-exaggerated because they have to give money back after that time (so they made is super long to make sure that most packages will reach their destination). The actual shipping time is usually 3-4 weeks, sometimes less (there are some comments from people who ordered SP70 that they got it within 2 weeks).

The Sofirn SC31 Pro is actually a pretty sweet light. The anduril UI works great as is, or you can program it in a wide variety of ways. Its plenty bright, and build quality is great. The 5000k tint is absolutely amazing. I’m a sucker for high CRI and despite this one only being 65-70 CRI, the tint is so good you don’t even notice. I have another that was supposed to be 5000k but I think its either out of spec or the 6500k emitter. Still a good tint, but this one is going to get a LH351D swap just for fun. Its not the throwiest light, probably comparable to a Zebralight SC64W or a malkoff M61 in that regard. Just love the Sofirn build quality for the price, though.

As for a “country side light” well, the SC31 Pro will do OK in a pinch with the ~2000 lumen max but its not ideal. IF you stick with Sofirn there is the SP70. Otherwise check out the Astrolux FT03. For a more main stream, duty quality, light there is a couple options from Streamlight. For example, I have the Streamlight HL-3 and while it doesn’t have the raw lumen output of many lights these days the large, well designed reflector gives it a ton of throw. Something like 50,000 lux IIRC… but double check that if you are interested.

I’d avoid Astrolux as they use Anduril UI and the light will be operated by OP’s parents.

For the EDC torch, i’m stuck between the Surfin SC31 Pro (less then 20€ with 3000mah battery) and the Workkos FC11 (a little over 20€), both in the 5000k configuration. Does the hi cri of the Workkos compensate the lower lumen?

In my opinion - yes, especially when FC11 actually has a bit over 1300lm which is still plenty. It also steps down later (SC31 Pro starts dropping brightness after just 60 seconds and after another 40 seconds it drops down to ~400 lumens).

Sofirn SD01.

Can’t get any simpler to use and easier to hold.

Oh good idea! And the “low” mode is bright enough for 95% of anything one would need, so longer battery life in real use.

Except the big flashlight was meant to have good throw to illuminate the property at the distance and SD01 is very average in that department and the highest mode probably doesn’t last very long (battery aside - it’s a diving flashlight, it’s meant to be cooled by water). As you can see in this review:

It needs to be in the highest mode to illuminate the tree in the middle which doesn’t seem to be that far away.

Not to denigrate the light or the brand, but just how “high performance” is the Black&Decker??

That “3000lm” spotlight on the Amazon deals thread was off by about a decimal point, as it’s maybe 300lm on high.

We’re judging by hi-po lights we’re used to, not something you buy at Home Despot or whatever.

It may not be very bright but it has a big smooth reflector so the throw may actually be decent.

How big are your fields? I gave the farmer whose farm i live on a Convoy C8 with an XP-L Hi 1A (6500k) and a biscotti driver set to single 100% mode (2.8A) to spot foxes in a 150m length field and he loves it.
Click on, click off, nothing to remember other than not to look at the LED when turning it on…
I know you mention not liking cool white but we compared the 1A colour temp directly with the 3C ( i think it was C) colour temp in the identical C8 i also had and the 1A was just better for the purpose even though i’m a neutral HCRI person.

Hello, a 150/200m range should be enough……i’ll check the model you suggested.

C8 runs on a smaller 18650 battery. I’d consider Convoy M21A with SST40 5000K emitter (21700 cells have much more juice).

At the moment i’m comparing the SP70 with the L21A.

The the first one seems to have a very long throw with also a decent flood, is bigger and weighter and can be bought for 58€ with included batteries and charger.

The second one is more compact and handly….i see that can be found in different versions (XHP35H1, SST40, KW CULPM1.TG. XPH.70.2). The osram one seems to have the longest throw, but it’s also a lot more concentrated and less flooder than the SP70. It can be found, depending from the emitter, between 35€ and 40€. Most options don’t include batteries, so I’ll have to buy them (with a charger) separately (i think that this add about 25€ to the cost of the torch).

In this case can you suggest a place (possibly EU based) to buy a set of battery+a decent charger (which one ?)?

I cant found a direct comparison between the two models, at the end (considering the cost of batteries and charger) the total cost would be the same…

SST40 5000K option will be the best for the L21A, it’s the brightest with plenty of throw and spill. XHP35 is more expensive and not brighter

“Convoy flashlight Store” on Aliexpress is run by Simon who also posts on this forum. He’s pretty elastic when it comes to flashlight configuration. Ask him about a bundle with 21700 cell as they sell quality batteries as well (Samsung 50E is a good cell). They also sell chargers - you can buy everything in one store.

Also - you said you need 150-200m range. I think a smaller and cheaper Convoy M21A may be enough, it illuminates 200m easily and even reaches 400m. There’s also a bundle with 21700 cell already available at the Convoy store:

Momentary direct comparison by fellow member Lumeniac:

Just found it, a complete set with M21A SST40, 21700 battery and a charger for 30 euros:

For some reasin the title says it has a battery, the description says it doesn’t, you should ask the seller (Simon) before the purchase. Judging by the price everything should be there.

WTF….i think that i would be be able to control all EU borders from the balcony, with that thing. :laughing:

Thank you phantom, i’ll consider also this option.