Help me decide

Either I customize my own Convoy S2 XPL HI with Bistro driver
Thorfire TG06 emitter swap to XPL HI with Bistro as well (just for the better host shape and SS bezel)
Get myself one of these 6J9 Vacuum Tube Amp for my Alessandro MS1i

Haha, with that headphone amp, you do not need darkness to enjoy it, though personally what will make you enjoy more long term will be a big determining factor.

Get the amp, much more cool, how much is that in US dollars? Do they ship to the USA?

Long term or not, I’m just itchy to spend money right now hahaha.

I should’ve save up money instead but those are some wishlist that has been there for very long

In that case, get all three.

Then listen to the amp while doing the mods… :beer:

AliExpress do sell them in case you’re curious

Or choose this one that comes with a DAC so you get a 2nd soundcard
This amp. I’m also itchy to get this

Approximately $ 46usd. (RM is Malaysian ringgit)

Thanks for the links and pricing. Do you have any idea which one sounds better?

There’s a YouTube review about it.
I had doubts in these. Many said they’re quality improvements but many said they’re placebo and just an ordinary amp with tube distortion for the tube tone.

I don’t know so that’s why I’ve been tempted to buy one myself.

Dave from EEVblog also done a review several models of vacuum tube amplifier, I wouldn’t spend my money on them…