Help Me Fight the Hate

I think it’s funny how some of the same people who self-righteously crap on Ganzo then turn around and fall over themselves to buy the latest Civivi, WE, Reate, etc., while never asking how all these new brands seemingly sprung up out of nowhere just as China finally started cracking down on counterfeit goods. Hmmmm…

When did that happen?

They are only aware of IP infringement when it happens to Chinese Co’s and brands, what’s behind the borders doesn’t matter as long as they make money.

I’m not mad at them though, the Slysz Mouse 3 (flipper) clone I got is my edc knife since I have it.
I doubt the original would be much better.

I just buy what I like and not let anyone influence my decision especially for knives, I’ve always carried the same spyderco, coldsteel and, ZT knives for many years nothing really catches my eye the only new addition was the spyderco smock.

Just let people buy what they like these kinds of “crusades” hardly do anything besides drain pocket books for something you more than likely wont use as intended and end up with a shelf queen or a drawer decoration.

I’d never heard of Ganzo before looking at this thread. So naturally I had to look.
Cheap knives are everywhere these days. And often you get what you pay for.
I got a cheapie “EMS rescue knife” for like $11? a few years ago.
It sharpened it up easy, and it was wicked sharp. But I can bend the edge with a fingernail.
I don’t think the steel was tempered at all. All very impressive looking, until I try to cut something.

I see Gonzo has multi-tools at various price point.
Do any of you have any first hand experience with them?

Also, they have diamond sharping stones that look to fit many of the knife sharpening devices.
$7 for a diamond stone? Anybody have any of theses? Any Good?

All the Best,

So, your intended crusade is to help a Chinese company build their profit in order to teach detractors a lesson?? Seems misguided to me. What kind of lesson are the detractors supposed to be enriched by? Do you believe any of them even give a thought about your purchase choices, other than a dislike of the brand you chose?

I decided to help you fight the hate. :wink:

Is it a clone/knock-off or a true counterfeit with Slysz branding?

Anyway, not saying it doesn’t still happen, but you used to be able to search for say “Spyderco” on Aliexpress and get hundreds and hundreds of counterfeit knives listed, now you get zero. Seems like something fairly significant happened.

I buy the real deal, but used to follow the fake stuff closely b/c I didn’t want to get burnt buying a fake.

Sorry for the super delayed response lol.

Hey I’m a big fan of your page! Didn’t know you were here in BLF. Keep on finding those gems :+1:

Thanks a lot! :+1:

Holy cow!

(I thought I had a knife collection problem.)

Nice pic!

The point was to discourage inane, misguided, and ugly crusading against the company every single time they came up in conversation. The hater that wants to discourage sales sees their punitive efforts turned into guaranteed sales. I haven’t had time to pursue this any further than buying five new Ganzos, sharing screenshots with the worst offenders, and starting this thread. Since then, I noticed one thread where Ganzo came up but it was kept surprisingly civil, so who knows?

It was the first time I counted them. It’s a bit scary! :laughing: