Help me identify these 18650 cells

The Sonys are 2600mAh

on Sony lithium ion cells look at the first two digits in the second row.

8A = 2600mAh

G7= 2400mAh

G6, 6A, 6B= 2200mAh

G5= 2150mAh

G4= 1950mAh

The last 5 digits of that row tell the manufacturing date.

digit 1: year. Q=2008, R=2009, S=2010 and so on

digit 2: month. A=Jan, B=Feb, ...J= Oct

digit 3+4: day

digit 5: electrode history

so the cell on the photo was produced on Oct 29, 2008 (QJ29)

on the Sanyo, M51A is the manufacturing date-code

M= 2008 (N=2009....)

51= week number 51 of the year

A is some internal reference

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Can someone tell more codes for determine production year for Sanyo and Sony cells?

Are the laptop batteries protected?

The batteries are - extensively. But the individual cells in the battery are not.

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They aren't.

Its very simple, because its alphabetical.

Just keep in mind that production year 2008 is Q for Sony and M for Sanyo, then look on your cell and count backwards or forward to your letter while each letter is a year.

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Production year 2003 and still 1,16Ah at 1,6A current. Unfortunately just one of six. One 0,76Ah, other four 0,08Ah

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What would then be "UR18650FM R11 22" for Sanyo. Anyone can decript "R11 22"?

Those are data I've got from Hank for

Same question.

mh i dont know what r1122 means. but its not the manufacturing code, because you see r1122 on very much newer batteries from sanyo. and on those newer batteries there isnt any manufacturing code anymore. the only thing i could find, is:,sanyoDEJWR.jpg

Thank you arztt. I've got reply from Hank. He told me there is also "P23C" on it. So it is 23th week of 2011.

ah ok, good to know. on the sanyos with r1122 i know, there wasnt any production code

Yes, it is. But is hard to see.


Sorry to bring up this old thread. But are you guys saying that they don't have UR18650FM stamped on them anymore? I ask because I have just received mine from kaidomain and they just say SANYO R1122.


hi i just crack this\_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_574wt_1393 open and found. this…. can you help identify ?
5200mAh & 7800mAh replacement HP Compaq Business Notebook 6730B batteries are made with high quality cells from SANYO
i feel like these are LG cells anyone confirm ?

I think it’s hard to find the exact capacity of the battery .And many times even you buy a battery which told you with 3000mAh ,actually it may only have 2500 mAh ,some even may be 1000mAh .You can just compare this battery with a standard battery.For example ,you have one standard 2000mAh battery ,you can try to charge that with the same charger.Just see the time which takes for the two battery to be full .And then you can use them in the same flashlights to see the runtime for each battery. This is just my method,you can have a try :wink: