Help me out - p60 drop in recommendations

Wow aren’t there a lot of different drop ins, far too many for me to get my head round, so could you kind people please recommend some good budget to mid price range drop ins for me?

I’m looking for 2 different types for 2 different host combo’s, so a total of 4 drop ins in total.

Host type 1
1 x 18650/2xRCR host Solarforce L2M:

-Best throw drop in
-Best flood drop in

Host type 2
2 x 18650 host Solarforce L2T:

-Best throw drop in
-Best flood drop in

I’ve read the Solarforce own drop ins aren’t the best, I’m also wanting one extreme to the other, hence two different battery configs and the max throw to max flood options.

I’m guessing an XM-L (T6/U2) of some kind might be the answer, SMO reflector for throw and OP for flood, but I really don’t know what is available. Can you get SST90 drop in’s for p60’s?

For host type 1 and maximum throw I would stick with the solarforce XR-E low voltage drop in with the smooth reflector.

In most cases the bigger LED gives more flood, that means MCE and P7 for example.
Butif I’m not mistaken a good driven XM-L should provide more light, so I would stick with the UF XM-L T6 for flood.

I don’t have a clue for host type 2 though.

Wow thats all i use for my SF hosts……for me i went with XPG R5 for throw and XML for flood. I even still use an R2 3 mode in my L2m……You might as well buy four hosts and get all the drop-ins so you can have a variety at your disposal, instead of taking the time and switching them out, because in the end you will end up realizing that you will need and want it.

You can’t beat the E1320 custom programed modules with added current regulators that give 3.5 Amps of go power. In the USA they cost $33. Shipping to UK will be a little more. PM him.

This also has excellent throw, due to the “Brute Force” of the 3.5A driver.

A cheaper second choice that has lots of good features and is well worth the money is the Intl-Outdoor drop-in module, $23 delivered to UK.

BTW, I have both and like them both.

Here’s a great Drop-in that everyone recommends: I have 3 of them and they Rock!!!

Or you could talk with Erik- E1320 and have him make you want you want…. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Some good options there.

Couple of Q’s:

-Does anyone offer an OP/MOP XM-L drop in, or would that just not work well on a P60 size?
-And based on the lumen differences (320 vs 700-800), would an XPG still out throw the high lumen XML?