Help me pick a light that takes protected 10440's

I need help picking a keychain flashlight.
The light needs to:

  • Take protected 10440's without modification. (So the Tank007 E09 does not qualify.)
  • Have High, Medium, and Low modes. No disco modes would be a nice touch, but is not required.
  • Cost less than $20 shipped. Cheaper is better.
  • Be bright and small, with a decent build quality.

So, what are my options?

Thanks for the info, kreisler. I believe this will be a challenge! Forgot to mention: I don't have calipers to measure the length of the batteries, but I have the gray protected Trustfire 10440's from Manafont. Hope that helps. :)

my olight i3 EOS works great with 10440s protected and unprotected, spec wise it is about 90lm on AAA, with 10440 visually about 1.5 to 2x brighter, it gets hot at room temp fairly quickly, but during the winter, i clipped it on my googles and went nightskiing, 10440 batteries lasted about 10-15mins on full...

all these batteries fit:

What do you have to do to the E09 to get it to work with 10440 batteries? I ordered one and didn't know that it has to be modified...

This is all I've read about it: "full support for Protected (Ultrafire/Trustfire/..) 10440's from V3 on"

I can confirm that my iTP A3 EOS upgraded works with a protected trustfire..... BUT it's TIGHT. I've never a had a problem, but some people have reported that it damaged the board on the LED pill and it eventually stopped working for them.

Nowdays I use it mated to a microstream body with the trustfire (plenty of room), but then again, that's a mod so it wont work for you :/

I don't think V3 has been released yet, so it may or may not support protected 10440 cells.

V1 and V2 do need to be modified to support protected 10440 cells.

Search for "10440's support for V1 and V2" in the first post of this thread to see how:

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Thanks! got into the "hobby" a couple months ago when i needed to find more uses for my rechargable enelops, so i did the only reasonable thing, and bought a fenix tk41 :), later i wanted something more portable so i got a xeno E03, then the olight keychain, and now i am waiting for a sunwayman v10r Ti+ in the mail!

hate flashlights....

anyways back on topic, i recomend the Olight I3 EOS, pictured above, paired with these batteries:

I have beend using this for a couple of months with no issuses, even running down the batteries continuasly on high. I have all 3 modes working correctly on aaa AND 10440, with the low mode on 10440 being very usable to use as a bedside light (10-20lm~)

2$ over budged..