Help me spend $20 please :)

Hello everyone. My wife has been blessed with an extra $100 a week for the next month or so. She has given me $20 to do with whatever I want, so I came here to get help in spending it. I am not sure what to get. I have the following items on the way right now:

1 x Protected TrustFire 14500 3.7V 900mAh Rechargeable Batteries - C
1 x Ultrafire U20 Cree XP-G R5 200-Lumen Waterproof LED Flashlight (
1 x Ultrafire Cree T6 3-Mode Memory LED Drop-in Module (4.2V max)
1 x Ultrafire WF-504B Flashlight Tube w/ Metal Bezel - Black (No LED
2 x Ultrafire 4 x CR123A/2 X 18650 Battery Holder (2pcs/Set)

and these SRM knives: 701, 710, and 763. What else do I "need"? LOL :) I am open to ideas. I posted this here but an open to whatever, so lets have fun. I am interested in practical items, not goofy gadgets so to speak....items that I can use. :)

I'd get the 504B host (or Sky Ray host) for 8 bucks, and buy a nice $12 drop-in for it. For $4 more, you could get the 3-moce XM-L drop-in.

If you want a 504 body with a T6 drop-in (also if a little bit underdriven) you can try this

You can also save some money on the battery (if it's not a problem wait almost 1 month)

How about a cool little twisty light from Shiningbeam with a neutral emitter. If you order it today you should have it by Friday.

This was one of my first lights and I still use it every night in the bedroom as a nightlight. Super simple no switches made like a tank twist it on twist it off and the neutral gives off a really cool incandescent like beam. Oh and a couple batteries to go with it, Bryan usually throws one in.

I think I am looking for an EDC pocket light in AA/14500 format with a low/med/hi and pocket clip. If I can not get that then how about a nice AA/14500 light, I already have an Ultrafire U20 coming. Maybe an LED upgrade for my 3D or 5D Maglite....maybe the Fusion 36? I am not sure but I am thinking that a CR123 light may be to fat for pocket carry, I am not sure.

Not fat at all quite a bit smaller than the AA lights but only one mode. Next to my 2 favorite AA lights.

Should I buy the Romisen outright from our friends at Shining Beam or put one together from Manafont? I mean is it worth the wait for what you get and also how bright is that Romisen? :) Thanks for the help. By the way, what are those AA lights in the pic that you like so much? :)

I really like Manafont but hands down buy from Shiningbeam there is no comparison Bryan has the lights custom built with neutral emitters that is something no other vendor does. Bryan will personally e-mail you when your light ships and if you have any problems you can call or e-mail him and he is right in NewYork. I purchased an Ultrafire UF980L from Manafont for $43 and the driver burned after 2 weeks Jim at Manafont wanted me to remove the driver and mail it back to China for a repair.

The light on the left is the Trustfire R5A3 arguable the brightest AA budget light with the strobe delete mod so it is a 3 mode high, medium, low light. The one on the right is the Akoray K106 programmable AA light which I have programmed to 3 mode it also has a tritium tube attached to the clip that shines for 10years so I can find it in the dark.

The Romisen is about 200 lumens.

I just ordered this guy:

I bought it because:

rear clicky, no twisty

CR123 or 14500 can be used

two modes, no sos or strobe

it was not black

I hear I will get fast service

it has a pocket clip

Thank you all for the help.

I got that light for a friend of mine. Good choice.

I found a $20 note today in my garden. Then was I told a local pensioner lost 2 $20 notes a few days ago. One was found one but not the other. I gave it back to him. I'm hoping some good karma will be coming my way.

Good choice on the Romisen. I purchased a NW XP-G R4 Romisen from Shiningbeam last Sunday it shipped on Monday.

Hey, Simpleman, nice choices but in your list of what you already had coming in I see lights and batteries but no charger listed. Sure hope you have that lined up as well. ;)

Bob I got the trit from DX it took forever for them to ship it, its the green one. I got a pink one for my girlfriend but it is not as bright as the green.

u20 is a nice light. Do you get $20 per week?

Why don't you get the Ultrafire M5 R5 I think it will make a great EDC.

It has XGP R5 LED

Next time you get $20 get an iTP A3 EOS. It's an awesome light for its size. People are blown away by it. Stick a 10440 in it for short bursts of really bright light. There are some other AAA lights that are good too.

I do have a charger for those batteries, so thanks for asking. I also own a Fenix LD01 AAA light which is on my keychain. Not a huge fan of it because it is a twisty. I prefer a clicky. From what I know that Fenix LD01 is as bright as the ITP right? :)