Help me to remove strobe mode from flashlight

I have bought 2 flashlights, both are same in function and different in size.

Both have 3 modes.

High Low Strobe.

When i want to off the flashlight every time i have to go through all modes which is very annoying.

I am new here in this forum and asking for experts for a solution. How to get rid of the modes and leave it only with On/Off function.

Pictures are attached. I dont know anything about IC Or chips but I am working on flashlight no 2, trying to short some pins etc but no result.

I can upload a clear pictures if you want.

Flashlight No 1

Flashlight No 2

Guessing that unless you have the firmware for the light, you are better off buying lights that have a user interface you like, without the strobe, or at least “hidden”.

Yep. You’re new at BLF, but you’ll find that this is a very old familiar complaint here about cheap flashlights.

Shorting random pins will just kill it. The strobe is controlled by code inside the black chip with 8 legs. You would need the original source code, programming skills, programming software, and programming hardware, and a programming ISP clamp.
You are better off asking for recommendations on a flashlight you would like.

It looks to me that black chip is actually charging controller (because microUSB port)
and the modes are controled by those small 6-pin on the red pcb and 5-pin components on green pcb!

Just a guess.

I think the 6 pin chip is the charge controller, because the USB + trace goes there first instead of the 8 pin chip.
Just a guess too.

Might be. One thing is for sure “Shorting random pins” is definitely bad idea.
And because both this flashlights look to be e-switch controlled, it’s not that easy to “fix”
them to ON/OFF UI by replacing the driver, I haven’t seen ON/OFF/no modes e-switch driver/firmware yet,
it would be a 5-minute job for ToyKeeper but for average Joe … easier to find new light.

If you turn on the light and try loosening the tailcap until it turns off then tightning it again, does the light turn itself back on? If it does you could use it like a twisty light and never touch the switch.

The charging circuit definitely complicates things, but the e-switch is a killer. Can’t just “bypass” it because that’s what turns the light on/off itself.

I’ve bypassed the µC with annoying tail-clickies, but it ain’t doable with an e-switch.