Help me to understand the marking of this Samsung battery.

Hey guys. Could you please explain the bottom line marking on this battery. Because usually it shows the place and date of production and web calculator of such 18650 codes doesn’t work. I suppose it is some new type of marking.
In other words, what does it mean?

I’m getting phony codes, so the presumption is that they’re fakes.

My 25Rs bought on 10/2/14, show a date code (E33) of 3/14, at Mountain Electronics.


Here you go :wink: The 29E is certainly not the newest battery that Samsung has launched.

After the first ‘letter’, there should be two numerals.

OPs picture shows ‘letter, ’numeral’ and ‘letter,’ so his don’t make sense.


I have never seen {+} and {-} markings on Samsung 18650 wrapper before.

I totally agree with you, with one exception. Because there are 12 months and only 9 ‘numerals’, since ‘zero’ often gets mixed up with ‘oh’, the third placed ‘numeral’ can also be an A, B or C (oct, nov, dec).

Well, there are really 10 digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, but yes you make a good point and usually in date codes that I’ve experienced, Zero and O are confusing and even manufacturers like Heckler & Koch dispense with certain letters, so we have to know the ‘secret handshake’ to say for sure.

I’m still going to throw in with the ‘you bought bogus cells’ crowd, but OP should test them out and match his results with HKJ’s, if he’s tested that model.


Again I agree with you, with one exception. I hope he didn’t buy them, so he can go to another supplier.

Nkon’s image also shows a similar code for what they call the 29E E7, while the 29E E6 has the normal date code. Nkon is a reputable company, I don’t think they would fail for fake batteries.
Most likely they expanded the date code to 4 characters. There is quite the variation for the codes of the 3 cells, so they are likely from 3 different dates.

Date codes are not supposed to be public knowledge, so they are free to change it’s encoding any time they want.

Edit: you may want to ask at the vaping forums/subreddits. They need to replace batteries more often for they kind of abuse them and they have many members, so if the codes for other samsung batteries were to be changed as well they are likely one of the first communities to find out. Just make clear you are not going to use them for vaping, for the 29E has a low max discharge current.

Another place to ask is at EV forums like endless sphere or second life storage.

My Samsung 30Q's show SDI then underneath that 136 no letters.

But underneath to the left of the text not like those above.