Help me with a thrower

I have l plenty of floody lights now and was looking to build a thrower using a maglite rebel reflector. It’s throws pretty well for the tiny output of a luxeon, so surely a nicely driven XLamp should do better.

An XP-L is just an XM-L2 die in a smaller footprint, correct? So disregarding the higher binning of an XP-L, they should throw about the same. Does the Hi-intensity version actually make that much of a difference? Or would it be no different than a de-domed XM-L2?

There is a treeline about 300 yards from my house, and I’d like to be able to see it well. The stock maglite actually did reach but only barely. I thought that surely 10 times the output in a slightly larger LED would make for better throw. But I am very new to the world of throw.

Any insight is appreciated!

In my language, flashlight is either ’lamp’ or ’light’, no torches here.

EDIT: Thanks to your avatar, I thought I’m replying to your other thread. :bigsmile:

Yep, XP-L and XM-L die sizes are the same. The XP-L and XM-L2 binning is not directly comparable, so XP-L’s might have higher bin numbers, but the output matches XM-L2’s that have lower bin numbers.
I suspect that for the throw XP-L HI is almost the same as the dedomed XM-L2, if the dedoming succeeds well, and both are top bin emitters. There might be some slight differences in thermal management because the LED’s come in different size packages.

XPL HI and a dedomed XLM2 should have similar throw. The dedomed XML2 might have slightly more throw - maybe 5-10% more … not enough to be visually noticeable. Also, the dedomed XML2 will have a very ugly greenish beam.

In contrast, the XPL HI will have a vastly better tint.

If I had to choose one of these 2 emitters for my light, without question I’d choose the XPL HI.

I looked at the data sheets for the XP-L and XM-L2 and the XP-L actually has a lower thermal resistance.

I wouldn’t have expected that in a smaller package.