Help me with batteries pulled from a generic ebay portable charger

Hey guys. Sorry I have no pics to show. I dont know how to upload on this forum. Anyway, I had a power pack used to charge my cell phone that the switch stopped working. The it still showed full charge on the led meter though. I pulled the batteries. They are five 18650 batteries wrapped in blue shrink wrapped and numbered “18650 6122314 13946.” The last five digits are actually different on each cell. I can’t get them to show a voltage on my multimeter and my xtar charger will not recognize them. They are quite shorter than my protected panasonic’s and dont appear to have a PCB. Can you give me some advice? I’m just looking to use them in my low amp single cell lights if possibel.


Ok. Now I’m in the 21st century. Here are some pics of the batteries. Still not entirely sure how to post actually pics instead of a link. Oh well. I’ll figure it out tomorrow.
Thanks for any can give me.

!!18650 batteries 18650 batteries - Album on Imgur!

If you don’t read voltage and your charger doesn’t recognize them then it’s a good chance they are bad.

Sounds like the CID (Current Interrupt Device) may have been tripped.

Here your pictures are, I can help that much. :wink:
It does sound like they are shot though if you are getting 0 (Zero) voltage with your DMM.

Thank you for helping me with my questionable computer skills. As stated, it looks like the batteries somehow tripped their built in protection. I googled how to reset it and of course there are numerous videos and posts on how to do this. However, I’m gathering that this is not meant to be reset. I think I’m much better off just recycling these batteries and buying new. Thanks for the replies.

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