HI Everybody. I bought a qf8 but I’m becoming mad because I don’t know how to restore to restore to factory settings. I read the NarsilM doc but I did not understand nothing
For example why does it mean “ when displaying firmware number” , where I can read the firmware number.
Please help me to use the torch. or at least teach me how to rest to factory



THIS THREAD has user manuals for a lot of the lights we talk about.

Somewhere about a quarter mile down is the Narsil manual. Is that the one you’re looking at?

FYI - when it says “display firmware number”, it’s talking about flashing a certain number of times. As an example, in the battery check mode, to say you are at 3.5v, it will flash three times, pause, then flash five times, pause a bit, then do it again.

Hmmm… I don’t see anything about a factory reset in a quick cruise through the manual. Some lights will reset if you unscrew the battery tube, hold down the power button, screw the tube back on, and not let go of the button till it goes through a flash cycle. I can’t say if that will work for you, but it’s worth a try.

Hmmm… Are you sure your light has Narsil and not Anduril?


yes I was referring to Nursil, but I'm not sure its' the right one. I will try with Anduril and than come back.



You might want to look at fellow member JasonWW videos for visual help using narsil

I don’t have that light or used Narsil but here is the manual.

For reset it looks like you’ll want to be in the mode where it blinks out the firmware version then just press and hold button for at least 2 seconds.

IMHO it is a good manner to give a thread a relevant name for example: "Restoring QF8 to factory settings" and not Just "HELP ME"
Hope you find an answer to you question :)