Help modding Sidewinder Streamlight

I recently purchased a Streamlight Sidewinder with auxiliary infrared led version. I was interested in the light when it was first released in 2008. The price was around 65 dollars and was out of my budget at the time. I stumbled on to a eBay listing for a used one and could not say no.

I have been using the light and like the form factor of being able to set the light down and point it any where with out it rolling around. A magnet it will make it even more useful. The size is a little big for every day carry but not so small as to lose the light in bottom of pack or tool box. Unfortunately led technology has left the C4 (what Streamlight calls it) emitter painfully out dated.

I would like to mod the light with a better led, a few more lumen with better tint, but I need some help. Replacing the led looks a little challenging and what would be a better led suitable for a board with out a heat sink?

edit. The light has a focal lens so it will be a thrower.

I posted this question on Reddit but have not received any answers. The video on reddit shows the board.![](

Can’t view the video, so can’t see the board, but if it’s on a “star”, go for a LH351D. Nice tint, pretty efficient, can’t go wrong.

Okay, there’s this

which looks like 3 5mm LEDs (IR??) and white 3030/3535 LED below.

No thermal pad on those, so using an LED with center pad won’t work.

Not quite easy to swap out, but I’ll leave that alone in case anyone has any ideas.

There were a couple of threads about it on CPF way back when.

Those little things? Nah.