Help, Need Assistance Starry Light Issue: ETA: FIXED IT

The pill and reflector in the head no longer spin freely. They must spin freely to thread head back on while maintaining correct polarity. I mean pill assembly is locked up tight as heck. Consequently, I can't thread head back on tube.

Took head off of tube twice since I've had it Noticed pill assembly seemed snug. Now it's like its welded tight.

Any ideas? Anybody had this thing apart yet?

There's a locking ring down inside the head , but I don't have anything to reach down inside there. Tried with heavy forceps but no go.

Don't know what happened. Bummed.

Whewww...only thing I could think of was a large salad fork. Cut that sucker down to size and used it in a pinch.

Somehow when tightening battery tube down snug, the lock ring got tighter and tighter. If it happens again, I'll have to loctite the lock ring.

Backed it off now where the pill rattles freely.

If you’re in Texas, there has to be a Sears store nearby.

Yep, I'm definitely going to get one of those.