Help needed adjusting and tuning a high power COB

I’m building my own work light, and would like to have some advice adjusting and tuning the COB.

Specs of the driver:
1200W CC CV Buck Boost Converter
V (in): 8-60V
V (out): 12-80V
Max power output is Vin x 20A
Because I use a 16V battery my max power output is (16x20) 320W
@ 52V that is 6,15A
@ 56V that is 5,7A

Specs of the COB:

The COB is rated at 1600 mA // 52V and then produces about 13000 lumen @ 1,6A.
Max current is about 4140 mA. According to the “forward current / forward voltage” -chart that is around 58V

What determines the maximum safe operating power?
Can I just crank it up to the point of 58V/4140mAh and check if the CPU coller doesn’t get to hot?
Or should I not exceed the 54V for a longer lifetime regardless the temperature?

According to the voltage/temperature chart the temperature is even lower at higher voltage, but I suppose that only applies up to a certain point.
I’ve tested it around 54V fot 30 minutes, and it doesn’t heat up at all.
I can lay my finger at the CPU plate right next to the COB, and it still feels very cold.
The heatpipes of the CPU cooler do not exceed the 25°C (77°F).