Help needed! Anybody? (TA Bistro setup)

I apologize for intruding title but I really do need help.

I don’t know how to set up TA 17mm driver!

Well I looked at schematics and even you tube video but I am to dumb to figure things out.

By default this driver has moon, low, med, high - in this mode there was not any turbo.

Then I fiddled something after those 19 clicks when it started blinking and strobe (I really don’t know how)

and now I have this order: turbo or high?, low, med high

Anyway if I really got turbo mode with this it is very bad cause it only draws 4,4A out of original old xp-g2 s4 2b all that measured with unmistakable uni-t clamp meter and lux meter which showed only 280 kcd in B158B 50mm aspheric host where I usually have around 340kcd with my diy fet driver.

So please help me to set up this thing to brightest possible turbo mode please! And if possible let it be first mode. Turbo than anything else…

Edit: Just to mention that I swapped original fw clicky switch to omten rw clicky one.

Mode groups of TA driver

how to configure

to get low to high wait for 4 blinks and the half press on the following strobe

I am looking all that + you tube video and I really don’t understand anything…

I mean I don’t understand how to put this light into turbo mode?

Can you please guide me how to put turbo mode on?

I would like turbo as first mode please.

He wants to change the mode goup to group 1 (only turbo):

- so he turns on light

- 19 short taps for configuration mode

- waits for 5 blinks

- clicks off and on again

  • now what? How are the mode groups indicated? How do you switch between them? How do you choose them?


“How are the mode groups indicated? How do you switch between them? How do you choose them?”

Dear moderator. Please put this thread on lock or delete.

I finally figured that out and have put to turbo mode only. And now I know that my diy fet driver is better.

You’ve been a member here since 2013 and haven’t yet figured out that this ain’t gonna happen? At least not unless this thread for some reason gets real nasty.

The problem no longer exists. The driver lets just as much current through as other FET drivers.
It turns out that the lux meter that was used had a problem. It was reading too low.

Yes :blush:
Mine diy was about same as this TA one… And all unnecessary hours of work I had to done because of lux meter to return at same setup again :person_facepalming:

Anyway I learned that I should always have backup lux meter so cheap UNI-T UT 383 is on its way.

I am not that good with this blinkies they are driving me mad… But now I even learned how to change modes :slight_smile:

What a stupido I am :slight_smile: