Help needed between 2 nichia LEDs in Kaidomain

I have a spare convoy s2+ host and want to try something what I’ve never tried in it - high CRI led.
I can’t decide between Nichia NVSW219BT-V1 and NVSL219C. I don’t care about output at all now, all that matters is colour rendition. 219BT-V1 is sold as 92 cri, although in specsheet it looks like 80cri min. 219C is also sold as 92cri, but that looks like true - specsheet shows 90cri min. By the way NVSW219BT-V1 is 5700K whole NVSL219C is 4000K.

Here are the links for both:

219C -

219BT-V1 -
What are your thoughts / findings?

Thank you!

P.S. I have a nanjg 105c driver. It’s 6x350ma = 2100mah. I can desolder some chips, how much current do you recommend to get full output without overheating even when used for long periods (approx)?

The color temperatures on those leds are significantly different. 5700k is like sunlight in the morning, 4000k is much warmer.

I wouldn’t want a cool white Nichia, so I would pick the 219C. Also the 219C can deal with 2.1 amps better than the 219B. I recently got a C8 drop-in from KD with the 4000K 219C in it and am very happy with it. It doesn’t look that different from the 4500K 219B’s I have which is the optimum tint to me. I ordered two more mounted 219C’s to use in mods.

You’ve just convinced to buy some.

Not sure what I’ll put them in, maybe Convoy S2, or Jet-I Mk if I don’t like the stock tint.

The 4000k 219C is my favorite LED at the moment. Amazing tint and CRI along with good output of ~1100 lumens maxed out or around ~750 lumens with 8x 7135’s. I have one in my EDC S2+ with TIR optic right now.

I actually have a few spares from the recent group buy I could sell if someone is in a hurry for them.

Thank you, I’ll order 219C together with tir from KD.

Hi, just got Nichias from KD. So far so good. Here are some beamshots:

Cree XM-L2 U3 3D 4750-5000K (ISO 40, 1/147, EV –2.0, F2.2)

KD Nichia 219C 4000K 92CRI (ISO 40, 1/147, EV –2.0, F2.2)

I’ve been testing out the NVSL219C in 5000K and find it a little too yellow, but I do appreciate the lack of any green or blue tint.

Do you guys think the NVSW219BT-V1 in 5700K would be what I’m looking for?
Pretty much just like the 219C, but with a little less yellow?

I think I’m also going to try an XM-L2 U3-2A. These “2” tints are hard to find. Everyone seems to only carry 1, 3, 5 or 7.

Why not go for the 4500k 219b that clemence is offering. Generally peaople find this to be the best overall tint/cct.

So your saying the 4500K is less yellow than the 5000K?

I find that hard to believe.

From what I’ve been able to find out the 219B is several years old and is not very efficient compared to the 219C. Has anyone seen the 219C offered in a 5700K?

You are right about the 219b being less efficient. But most 219c’s are known for having a bit yellow in them.

The sw45 219b is probably to warm for you as I see you are willing to look at 5700k, but it certainly does not have yellow in it. I would discribe it as a bit rosy, wich most people find much more appealing than yellow.

Anyone know the max current I could run a Nichia CRI92 NVSW219BT-V1 triple board at? Would the BLF A6 driver work? One with tail and driver springs bypassed and one standard with only double tail spring in the A6 host/body.
Any idea of output I could expect?