Help needed. Electronic savvy preferred - Powering 3x XM-L from 230VAC

Lookin for a cheap and also rather decent way to power 3 XML emitters.

Suggestions welcome.

Also what's best powering them in serial about 11V 3A or parallel around 3,5V/9A?

You'll want a power supply that provides a dc output not unlike a battery, and an led driver for 3 xml's which uses this as input. It's probably best to first find a driver which works, because a dc power supply is a lot easier to get.

Any suggestions?

I also considered using a 5V 9A AC/DC adapter and wire 3 KD 2,8 drivers in parallel... but it seems a rather cheesy solution.


The AMC7135-based drivers are linear, and have a decent efficiency curve up to about 5.5V.

DerWichtel has a 9A driver, but it's over $40.

There are a couple of sst-90 drivers around on dx and kd. Search might help. I'm not sure if anyone sells the series 3xXML drivers, but those obviously work, too.

I only was able to muster 7.5A out of the DX "9A" driver. No experience with any KD drivers.

Good idea about the 3 x XM-L driver.....send Ric @ CNQualityGoods a message, and ask him about the DRY drivers.

Just use a 12V dc 10A power supply? I know I've seen them pretty cheap on ebay for 110v and I would think there would be 230V versions. Run them in series and you wouldnt really even need a driver, unless your wanting modes.

You probably don't want a simple DC supply source only because unless you hit it spot on in a range of a fractional volt (exactly 10-11V or so, and depends on the emitters), the current will be off, though I guess you can always try it and maybe get lucky. What Pilot linked would work for more than 3 emitters @ 2A, because it says it's 16-18V output and emitters are ~3-3.5V Vf.

7.5A really isn't that bad. Gains start diminishing near the 3A spec limit anyway.

Just get a 12V power supply, it'd definitely sag, so it'd be good. You'd not be wanting to run them at 3 x 3A, very hot! Back it down a bit, like the Trustfire triple XM-Ls. :D

But do note, a lot of 12V power supply do like 17V or something, i am not sure how much it DOES sag. I always try those 5W MR16 stuff, LED strips, they do work are are hardy...but those are cheap MR16s costing $20. For these kind of lighting you don't need drivers. All my "immense number of LEDs" in the house quite a few do not have drivers. :p

But the thing is, overpower them and you do lose efficiency. You really don't need 50,000hrs. LOL! (I've got a few power supply going POOF first than those LEDs)

Thanks for the responses keep em coming. :) The thing (3x xml) will be encased in a halogen 800w reflector. Probably even actively cooled. Heat is the least of my worries. Driving it an what optics to use. Will try tir with wide angle.