Help needed identifying component on MF02 driver


Noob here, need help. My MF02 just released some magic smoke and i am in need of help for identifying the component to replace on (original) driver.

On the picture faulty yellow component can be clearly seen on lower right. Considering the similarity of layout and components, is it safe to assume that it is the same as the other yellow piece at the bottom (which reads 226C 70FU0)?

Any idea what it is and where it could be obtained? Tried google, but did not turn up anything useful :frowning:

Thanks for the help,

it’s the capacitor( or filter capacitor), 226 means 22uF, just replace it with 22uF 25V smd capacitor

Thank you, sir!

also keep in mind;

(1) the burnt cap may be a symptom only. It's certainly possible the cap was simply defective, but something else may have caused the cap to fail.

(2) the cap has a polarity, install new one the same.

(3) the value of the burnt cap may or may not be the same value as the good one on the bottom. This may or may not matter, depends on what the cap is being used for.

Good luck.