Help needed machining

My machinist is out of the business. I’m needing some help beyond my ability.

This is the L2 tube and L6 tube sold separately by Convoy. These tubes fit the L7, L6, M3, M3C. What I’m needing and other may also want is to cut the L6 tube to single 26800 cell length. All that is needed is to cut the shiny end and rethreaded at the proper length. Simon says he’s not going to make them. The modified L6 tubes will allow the cigar ring to be put on.

So do we have anyone willing and capable of this modification? How much if possible will you charge?

Hey fellow Texan. I don't do this work anymore since I don't have the tools anymore. But I don't mind giving some advice. Cutting it to the proper length is easy, but you need a lathe to cut the threads. Any machinist worth his salt can do this and should charge about $25 to $40 or so. If you don't have any machinists in your area you can think of I recommend you check with any gunsmiths in your area who are familiar with cutting threads on the end of barrels. We have more gunsmiths than machine shops - this is Texas after-all.