Help recognize type Led

Hi All
received a cheap 3aaa headlamp but it mount a strange led It make good bright as a Cree but I assume it’s not.
do you know the model of led? thanks!

I’m on mobile atm, tough to see. I know I’ve seen that projection profile before but my memory fails me. Above link may help you.

It’s a generic Chinese LED.
Often used in cheap(er) flashlights.
Not as efficient as Cree of course.

thanks for reply
Searching on forum I find this thread
They said that it’s a Osram golden dragon led,
look the same in projection,
but my model can be a fake?

I can’t really imagine that anyone would fake an Osram Golden Dragon.

It’s probably the real deal.

Will you take a picture without the white plastic centering ring?

It’s just some cheap generic LED, used in some lower end flashlights. I bet that it also doesn’t have (need) appropriate heatsink.

I don’t mean to bash your light. When I first started this hobby I was using this kind of flashlight and I was happy with it. :slight_smile: It’s bright enough for many general tasks anyway.

Did you follow his URL to Disappointed from FocalPrice Sipik SK58 (maybe bad LED?)?

I have try to swap plastic ring for control but accidentally the pliers slide and I have scratched Led,
now it lights up but can be damaged?
I assume the couple it’s acrylic

Take pictures and we’ll tell you. If it looks fine then it probably is fine.

Since when did somebody post that link in this thread? Anyway I just have a look in that thread but what are you trying to say?

Indeed, judging by the projection it’s probably that.
I didn’t know they come in that well known generic package, with the little PMMA dome etc…

It's an Osram golden dragon .

They used to use these in the sipik sk58 and when you zoomed them out you saw what looked to be a baseball diamond .

These were a very sought after led at one point mostly because they had great tints. They were in Nitecore D-10 and ex-10 lights. They are used a lot in flood to throw lights because they have so much throw .At this point they are older low power emitters so people will buy them up cheaply and jam them into anything . . Definitely not a generic chinese led

This LED looks extremely similar to the osram led as Boaz and wight suggested.

Look at the pic of the blackcat hm01 which has an osram led.

Compared to:

If you look closely both leds have the same die pattern.

The only difference that may be present in these LEDs is the tint, where the blackcats osram led is a warm white and the other is a cool white.

Am I going to be the one with the unpopular opinion saying that it is generic LED and not the osram GD? Yes, the diamond pattern is similar to GD, but the whole housing and details are different.
Osram Golden Dragon:

The OP LED housing is more similar to generic China/Taiwan LEDs:

The difference should be more visible if the OP would remove plastic cover.

I’ve have had the “x2000 3xAAA” zoom light from BuyInCoins and it had the same “diamond” pattern generic LED.

The OPs image when zoomed in on by using ‘ctrl and scroll wheel’ shows a single emitter bond wire to one corner (left corner in the pic). There is what appears to be a reflection of that same wire on the opposite side. I can see the housing looks like the generic one pictured above though.

It appears to be much more like the top image above of the Golden Dragon, in the generic housing. Maybe the Chinese did fake them…

Yes my led have the same round housing like your 2nd photo
But I think don’t confirm it’s generic Led,
maybe older versione of Osrarm GD?OR GD with generic round housing
I confirm it’s bright as other Cree xr-e headlamp that I have

Before I have remove plastic ring and after I tryed to remove again for make photos
and I have scratchs led with pliers cause slip from this crappy ring
Hope did not compromise durability LED…:frowning:

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You guys need to consider a couple of things. The first and most important thing is that the Chinese are, to our knowledge, simply unable to clone dies. Any time you see a recognizable die in something that’s a sign. Also, like Cree and everyone else, OSRAM does not use a die in only one package. I can’t find this specific package. They may also sell dies like Cree used to, but that doesn’t account for what’s coming next: Look at the way the die is coated but nothing else is. Cheap LED makers can’t do that. Look at the way the coating is sprayed and not poured on - cheap LED makers can’t do that either. Any time you can see a die with a thin phosphor coating and a shiny area that comes right up to the edge of the light emitting area (rather than to the edge of a thick phosphor pour) I take that as a sign.

wight, I missed that. I have read through the thread and some people said it is Osram GD but I am still not sure about that.

I’m not sure either! :slight_smile: