Help: removing switch body from xenon Maglite.

I'm trying my hand at my first Maglite mod and need advice on removing the whole switch housing from the tube.

I figure it's better to ask first than start ripping and tearing blindly.

Take off boot (pops out) and use a 2mm hex down threw the switch post to unscrew the set screw.

What CK said, and it slides out thru the back, you might want to polish and progold the spot where the pin digs into the tube for better electrical connection, or you could put a desoldering braid to lower the resistance even further…

Thanks Cereal_killer.
I got the boot off. I see what needs to be done.

I can’t seem to find the proper hex. It’ll have to wait.

That bulb would suggest the new torx head. It's a #8 torx head, if I am not mistaken. Not easy to find at all, as most all of them have larger shafts than the heads. I use a 2mm allen head (ball head), T handle and I just press really hard when I turn and they always loosen. It would have to be a ball head.

I tried all my thin shaft Torx drivers and no luck…the shafts are a hair too fat. I worked at it with a 2mm hex without success. I guess I’ll have to look for a ball head(whatever that is), or file away at one to see if I can get som traction.
In all the threads I’ve read, everyone shows pics of the removed switch, but don’t mention what a PIA it is to get out.

A ball head has the hex surfaced into a ball with a narrower neck leading to the shaft. It’s made to twist at off angles where a blunt ended Allen key would not engage.

If you have a bench grinder, it’s not too much work to spin off a bit of the shaft… If you’re working with only a file, maybe chuck the screwdriver in the drill and spin it.

I ordered some ball head hex keys. I’ll wait and see how they work.

I filed the slots in the end of a 2mm allen key to turn it into a torx driver with a small half round file. It was not easy but does the job.

We’ll, if the ball key doesn’t work, I’ll be filing and grinding too.

Well, my ball head hex keys arrived today and it’s not working for me. My thumb is turning purple from applying pressure. It’s a definite no go.
To be on the safe side, I also ordered a single long arm T8. I don’t know when I’ll get it. I’ll try thinning the shaft with my dremel. If that doesn’t work, the light is going in the trash. I’ve spent 3/4 of the price of the light on keys already.

Take your normal L-shaped 5/64"/2mm hex key, cut a small notch in each of the flats with the corner of a hand file. Done.

I’m still trying to get old corroded D batteries out mine

What CC has did is the same as I did. It worked no problem.

If I had a light for every thing I’ve bought to mod them I’d have a serious collection. As it is, sometimes it’s hard to tell what I’m collecting. Stick with it. :slight_smile:

Okay. Give me a week.

I have enough “tools” that if I could get my money out of them, I could buy one each of every expensive light in the market and I still find I have to buy more tools. It’s just the way it goes. Modding is not always an exact science and there isn’t always exactly what you need, so modding tools becomes part of the problem.

Yeah, I know that OL. I just need to use this thread to vent a bit when I get cranky. I think you’ve threatened a couple lights with a hammer before.