Help Selecting a 365NM UV Flashlight

I need a fairly powerful
UV Flashlight with little or no visible light to demonstrate some UV Glow Powders and Dyes.

A flood to Zoom single 18650 at 3 to 5 watts sounds perfect but-

Will it be mostly invisible or also have stray frequencies in visible band ? Will I need a filter or are some 3 to 5 watters mostly pure UV invisible light (preferred).

Power should be enough to demonstrate in a dim but partially lit area ( dim Nightclub etc.)

Any ideas about a true 365nm model that will work well for this purpose ?


I don’t know of any decent zoomie UV lights. They could be out there, but I kinda doubt it.

Two suggestions:

1. Jaxman U1. Good UV light with a bandpass filter to block the stray visible light that comes out of most UV emitters. Its got good output, too.

2. Convoy S2+ UV. Very good UV light that uses a Nichia UV emitter which has less white light leakage to start with. More overall UV output than the Jaxman, but does have just a bit of white light in there, too.

I own both of these lights, so if you have questions I’m happy to help.

Need something in that range too

Am thinking about ordering this one from unknown seller
Comments say it works. ~$9

or this not to expensive one

But I lean to the star and LED, got plenty of torches to use for it

Need something to check the yard for cat pee.

Yeah, Simon, I am going to message him to see if I can buy that nichia without a flashlight.

I see the Jaxman on Ebay but in China so hard to get quick but looks well made.

Of the two lights will either light a fluorescent pigment or material at 10 or 20 feet in fairly dark room ?

I am going to post a few on here to see what you think when I find them
I notice a few 4 watters but expensive …
Thanks for your help.

Well I ordered the 365UV on copper 20mm star

And no reaction from Simon if one could be ordered from him (if he says yes I will order that as well since I trust him)

For what you want, I’d suggest the UV Convoy S2:
…but replace the lens with one of these UV-pass filters to block out the visible light:

I have a similar light, 365nm emitter and filter, and it’s a great little UV light…
Wear UV filtering glasses…

Don’t forget Simon and Convoy are closed for CNY and moving his warehouse. Probably no answers from Simon for a while.

Aha thanks
This morning a C8 at lens and OP reflector were shipped, must be drop shipping then

I bought the semileds (?) 365nm UV led from led4power, and the filter to block out visible light and it works great, really strong UV. Apart from that I would suggest convoy s3 host and cca 700mA driver

$7.39 with tracking
Good reviews,searchweb201644_1_505_506_503_504_301_502_10001_10002_10017_10010_10005_10011_10006_10003_10004_401_10009_10008,searchweb201560_2,searchweb1451318400\_–1,searchweb1451318411_6452&btsid=0e4b1849-b361-4a65-bd0c-fb3ad8012cce

Reply from Simon:
_simon mao
2016-02-21 05:24
sorry ,i dont sell nichia UV led seperately ,it is not allowed by the nichia company_