HELP to bring my ruined hd2010 back to life

Dear friends

I ruined my beloved hd2010 when trying to de-dome it. The dedoming went ok in the beginning with an enhanced hotspot. I was too greedy to try to smooth out the surface with a dremel. Something on the die burned black (very curious what was burned, phosphor?) when I turned the light on. Now it can still light up, but with much reduced brightness. A good lesson for me.

So I have to swap the led I guess. I found replacement U2 on 16mm star, as this or this. Do these work for my purpose?

I have two questions though since this will be my first real mod. I wish to get confirmation from experienced members before I start.

1. how do I take the original star off the spill? By force? what should I use to glue the star to the spill? This FUJIK ?

2. I wonder if I could change the XML to xp-g2 for less lumen but better throw without changing the driver. My guess is no, because the hd2010 driver provides too much current, right? What is the appropriate driver for xp-g2 then? Again a link is appreciated.
Is it gonna really improve throw?

Thank you very much in advance.


You can remove the led easily by putting the pill in the freezer and after an hour the led can be easily prised of. The Fujik and leds you linked to will be fine. You will also need an insulator to prevent the reflector from shorting on the led. Something like this

I have played with a XP-G2 in the HD2010 but could not get rid of the ring. The green look is just my camera.

Good luck on the repair.

Thank you for the information MRsDNF. Time to start ordering.

Nice oldbobk. Could you put some pics up Of the light and mod. Thanks for the info

Ok Bob. If I wanted to get this light which one is it? Sounds like a good mod and fun to do. Thanks for the info.

Thanks oldbobk will look into that light next time I go to that place. Definately would like to hear about that other mod you got going also.


Hey apt323, here's a quick thread I did on that 3AA TSC light and others. I have not done anything with the light since:


Well I don't have one handy, but am keeping it in mind. I've got a lot of "project lights" stacking up with so little time to get around to them! I actually prefer to play around with a Nichia 219 in it.


I have 2 20mm xpg warm white that good luck buy sent me instead of 16mm and been looking for something to put them so they might finally get a home.