Help to choose flashlight

hello, please help me to choose flashlight. I need high power flashlight with good throw. it’s must be under 120dollars with batterys and charger. whats is the best option for me ? I am thinking from C8 xml-t6 to 85W hid 8500lummens.

Thank you for your sugestions.

Pm Jake25 and ask about his L3 K40 from SbFlashlights

It’s a great thrower but I think it’s $119 by itself.

Hid flashlights, find one that has a positive review here or on the other site before purchasing.

A good thrower though not as good as an 85watt hid or the K40. But still should do good and give you room for a battery and charger is the Crelant 7G9
MDlightsource is selling them for $80

I think about this:

85W hid:

TrustFire X7:

TrustFire 3T6:

TrustFire TR-T1:

TrustFire x8:

most i like HID 85W. Basicaly i need brighter thing than TK70 :smiley: or best bang for buck

None of those trustfires will be brighter than the Tk70, and you’ll need to get over 100k lux to outthrow it.

For an hid to outthrow it I’m no expert but I think you’ll need a large head to out throw the tk70, an 85watt should definitely be brighter.

When you say good throw, how far are you talking about ?
I know LED’s don’t generally throw well compared with incans/HID’s etc, but for 99% of people I’m sure they are perfectly adequate.
My plod mate swears by his HID saying it throws 1 mile or whatever, but I point out not much use if you can’t see one mile at night, and even if he could by the time he got there to arrest a baddy they wouldn’t be there!!
I find flood much more useful in everyday use, I have some cheap lights like my Ultrafire V6-T60, 900 lumens so plenty bright enough, cost around £14, with charger and batteries(2)(18650) about £22.
I’m itching to get a LED LENSER myself, but on some beam shots they seem really blue, which I don’t like personally.
I personally also like FENIX, best advice I can give is take your time and do lots of research, looking at beam shots etc.
Best of luck anyway.

I looking for information and beamshots but i can’t find anything similar to tk70. The “good throw” it’s similar to tk70 or C8 flashlight.

Here’s a beamshot of my YEZL 38/50watt HID that I got last nite in a trade with my buddy Rick.

210yds to trees

Would you say that out throws the TK70?

The unique thing about the tk70 it ha 2400 lumens and 100k lux in throw
There’s some shots

The tn31 is the best XML thrower I own, and there’s a thread somewhere that has the two of them throwing the same distance.
To outthrow the tk70, for under $120 the hid may or may not do it.
A Trustfire J18 would be as bright, it’s 2400 lumens with 7 XML’s. it’s floody though.
The BTU shocker is the only multi XML that comes close and that’s because it’s a clone of the tk70 but with U2 XML’s. sticker price is $150

For straight up just being brighter, yes an hid is brighter and should have nice throw.


So if 38/50w out throws TK70, then the 85watt hid would be much better thrower than tk70 ?

Im searching for best balance for lummens per dollar and so far 85w HID is the best choose am i right?

Some members might make fun of me for pointing out this torch. I have had two of these and are great for the money. The Chinese lumen rating of 3800 is way too high versus standard lumens, but is over 1000 easily. Good spot (all focus in the same place), good throw, and good spill (flood). I recommend this:

I just got my FANDYFIRE UV-S5, cost around £27 delivered(UK) from FASTTECH, it’s seriously awsome, way more throw than I expected, fantastically better output than I expected, even after reading the reviews on youtube and seeing the beam shots, they don’t do the light justice by a long way, still way under your budget even with a spare set of batteries and charger.
Might be one worth looking at ?

Okay! I’ll clear some things up for you guys. Firstly, lumens is the output, and throw (how far the light is ‘thrown’) is measured in candela (sometimes lux).
I made this earlier today for my BTU Shocker review, but I’ll post the table again here:

candela = lux@1m, so you can't measure candela@13m (you measure lux@13m and calculate it back to 1m and get candela (or lux@1m))

Oh thanks for that M3TAL_L0RD. I did measure it at 13m and calculate it back to 1m.

Help me! is this real? only 31 dollar and free shipping? is this some kind of fraud?

He’s only had a few sales, I wouldn’t buy from him. Only four feedbacks :frowning: that’s scairy to me

A 20-25 watt might be $30

This guy looks more legit

Price still seems low to me

This past year, I bought about $1000 worth of torches from one dealer. He had posted a slug of them, but they were all covered by buyer protection, so I bid on them, one by one until I had a ton of them. Okay, so the dealer was NOT legit, and I had to file a claim on them one by one. The key is this: if the seller does NOT send you a tracking number, then you immediately start emailing him through Ebay mail, a must!!! Then, check the time out period, usually about a month, then file a claim, and email again. The dealer has 10 days to respond, if he does not, you escalate the claim. If the dealer does not refund, Ebay will refund within a week or so. I got every dollar spent, back. Now it was a pain in the ass, I just copied and pasted the same message to the seller, over and over, so I did
nt have to write something different all the time. Order one, and try it, you are covered.