Help to pick the correct torch....

Hi everybody;

I need to get a very durable torch with the following as must have’s:

1. Charger must plug into torch to charge batteries.

2. IPX8

3. Very durable

4. 1 on 2 - 18650 batteries

5. More flood than throw….

6. Battery level indicator (if possible)

7. Price around $60 - $80

I had a look at:

Both lights you listed are good companies, either would be a good light. The “plug charger in light” requirement is going to limit your options considerably as well as raise the price a good bit.

Why the desire for plug in rechargeable?

I am quite impressed with my fenix e50, but it doesn’t have the recharge option you are looking for….

I can’t recommend any lights with charger ports because I would not charge cells inside the light (I keep thinking pipe-bomb). Just my preference, lots of people probably do it with no issues.
If you go with the Nitecore or SWM from FT, sent them a bulk pricing request… there’s some info on how to do that somewhere on BLF. :wink:

How about Nitecore P25 ? Solid built, power indicator, built-in micro USB charging port. Not sure about the flood vs throw for it though. Google indicated the lowest price online is US$75.59 shipped.

The P25 is throwy for its size, 20k lux I think.
The internal charger on the P25 is really good, and well thought out.

Wallbuys Nitecore P25 Grey
Wallbuys Nitecore P25 Black
USD 75.45, after this month coupon become USD 67.91.
Best price on FT around USD 62-63 (after discount) before MAP thing.

I love 18650s but +1 on ^. Best wishes.

I agree that I would not consider buying a light with a plug in charger. It’s just an unnecessary chance that I wouldn’t take. You can get a better light for cheaper that is safer with other alternatives.

I have the older version of this light.

I’d recommend it, and the new version looks even better, it comes with tint choice of XM-L2, and a great driver.

This is another alternative HKE Niteye TR20

Although yes, same with many others, I don’t want to charge it inside flashlight.
We don’t know the quality of flashlight’s charger, how it work and impact of battery damage in tight air condition.

I agree with relic et al, turning a light intova potential pipe bomb strikes me as very very dumb tbh.

What I would suggest is get an xtar wp2 ii charger, it can use mains or a cig lighter socket to charge and can be used as a usb charger with a charged 18650 in slot 1, very very versatile.

Then just get some good cells and any 18650 light that suits your requirements.

I’d echo the ‘forget about the integrated charger’ sentiment, but if you must, you might consider the Klarus ST11 with the optional CH11 tailcap. One major issue: the charger cap doesn’t specify water resistance, so it might not be ipx8 like the stock light. Plus you’re probably a bit over budget.

Hi Anton,

Sorry for taking so long…………… need to watch RUgby and so……….

My reason for plug in charger, is that I might have to supply a company with alot of torches.
I think to sit with lose battieries ,chargers etc might complicate things………

I’ve decided on 4 torches - JETbeam DDR30 and DDR26, or the NItecore TM15, still looking for similar to the DDD26

To say the least…….
No I’m even more confused……
I hear what you all had to say about ‘the pipe bomb’ …………….

My problem is that I might have to supply a big company with torches……. remember they are not ‘flasholics’……… and to sit with loose batteries and chargers might just complicate things… that is why I want to go the plug on charger option…
I also feel to go with a very good quality torch (like the Nitecores or JETbeams) might also help….

Currently I’m thinking about these 4 torches – JETbeam DDR30 and DDR26, or the Nitecore TM15, still looking for similar Nitecore to the DDD26……
Fasttech price for the DDR30 $176 and for the DDR26 $76….

little out of your price range, but imho you should consider the fenix rc15, if u are set on rechargable