Help to Program Driver A17DD-L FET+1

Hi, i have 3 pieces of this driver from bangood. Work ok but i want to modify the code (turbo timer) 2 of them for no turbo timer and the other for 3 minutes turbo timer. Anyone know how to do it?

Thanks in advance.


Do you have the parts needed to do programing? A usbasp programmer and a soic8 chip. Lots of information here Guide: how to flash ATtiny13a based drivers (NANJG, QLITE, etc.) with custom firmware

Or are you just asking about what code changes to make?

Thanks for the information. I will buy this

I need anything else?

Thanks for all

Hi, i have on order the pices for reprogram the atiny13 so i need help for make the changes in the code.

The base code is the Toykeepter blf a6

I want that the drivers not have turbo timmer or at least change the turbo timmer for 3min or more.

Anyone know how do that?

Thanks in advance.


Pd- What is an egg timer?

Hi Alberto. If you follow the guide, you’ll eventually have the .C file open in Atmel studio. You’ll see the code like it is shown here. Lines 149-153 look pretty relevant.

Also check out the BLF A6 FET+7135 Light Troubleshooting and Mod thread.

Hi, thanks for help. I already just check this sites before, also read the code many times but only understand how change the timmer of the turbo, no how to disable .

I am not a programmer, i only understand codes by observation.


Waiting for more answers.


I think if you change line #153 to a value of 255 this will disable the timeout altogether. Otherwise, putting // at the beginning of line 149 might do the job. Could be wrong on both accounts.

I believe that i start to understand how works the code, “change line #153 to a value of 255” only change the turbo timmer to a 255/2= 127,5 seg.

The other idea maybe work, but i try first to simply remove this:

#define NON_WDT_TURBO ”

#define TURBO_TIMEOUT 90 ”

Waiting to arrived the components to reprogram the chip.

If anyone knows for sure what to disable the turbo timmer, in other words, unlimited please share it.